Vive Cosmos Costs $699: Everything You NEED To Know!

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Mechanical IPD adjustment…
Inside out tracking…
Mechanical IPD adjustment…
Decent resolution…
Mechanical IPD adjustment…
Reasonable price…

Hmm. I’m certainly interested, although I will be waiting for some thorough reviews.
A slightly wider FOV would have been nice. I wonder what the returns policy will be like?


It seems to me, in my flight and driving simulator focused point of view, that all of the bells and whistles don’t mean diddly squat if the resolution stays below something like the Reverb (2160 x 2160). Once you have been there, going back is not an option.

Well, the answer to that is don’t go there in the first place :wink: . I still use a 1080p monitor too. :smile:


But does it have Mechanical IPD adjustment? :grin:



Looks pretty good. I like the flip up feature - that would be very useful for us sim pilots.

2880 x 1700 is pretty good too.

The controllers look pretty cool too…

Wireless transmitter is interesting too…no cables (not sure what the limitations are on that…)

Oh…that’s TOTAL resolution. Doh! 1440 x 1700 per eye…(this vs. the Reverb 4320 x 2160 total resolution…)

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Still higher resolution than the Rift S, and I think the S has pretty good resolution…

I’m surprised nobody mentioned the mechanical IPD adjustment… :wink:

I must say that the Cosmos may enter the decision making circle, with the Index and the Reverb.

Bring on the reviews!

How good is the SteamVR version of ASW?

Personally I don’t think the motion smoothing option within Steam VR is as good as ASW from my experience in using the Index.

Keep in mind SteamVR just had a major update

Did someone mention mechanical IPD adjustment?
Ohh, this looks promising! I guess now there’s two adjustable IPD candidates for my next HMD.
And the prising on this one looks a tiiny bit more acceptable even :thinking:

Unless you get severe eyestrain from a (incorrect) fixed IPD that is. Resolution takes a distant second to this, at least for me.
Long missions in The Rift S is a no go for me because my eyes get tired, where as with the OG Rift I could wear the HMD for hours with no problems.

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Yeah I use the beta program and admittedly I don’t think I’ve had a chance to test their most recent rollout. (1.7)

I also would like to know about controller battery life, as I have found those fancy VR visible-light controllers really suck power as opposed to the invisible variety.

Whoops!!! Seems I may have been right to be worried. Reports are that these controllers get barely two hours of continuous battery life.

The interweb is not amused.

Maybe the hand controllers are still being worked on. I would not be surprised if they manage to improve that before the product hits full production.

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