Vive Opinions?

Hi guys. Back after a long break from flying.

So, I picked up the Vive about 8 months ago or so, and have been having a blast with it since. One of the first things I did was plug it in and start up DCS, but yeah…that didn’t go so well. Running a 970 just couldnt keep up and got judders all day.

Recently picked up a 1070 and tried again. Much better this time, but still obviously cant get too fancy with graphics settings. That 90fps is a tough standard to keep, especially in something like DCS. The immersion is absolutely fantastic though, and my Huey flying skill has seemingly gone up overnight!

Question: I see a lot of Oculus reviews and opinions on here, but not much for the Vive. Anyone here have one or am I the brave pioneer for this half of the VR frontier? If there are others like me, what have your experiences been, both in DCS and other games/software? I just don’t see a lot of discussion about the Vive vs the OR and was curious if we had other users here?

@near_blind has one. I don’t know about anyone else. From what I can recall I think he likes it, but considers it a disadvantage in air combat simulation due to the low graphical fidelity.

What processor do you have? And what sort of frames do you get in DCS on a normal screen?

I have one, from what I can tell, the graphical “issue” seems to be highly dependent on the game. Yes there are ones that things look a bit blurry, however, some other games I have, especially those built as Vive exclusive are crystal clear at all distances, John Wick Chronicles for instance. So I think it’s going to be hit or miss for awhile as everyone learns the best way to optimize and implement VR into the games.

Also I literally have no clue what i need to adjust the lens to and if that actually makes a difference or not

Sorry I was off biting the hand that feeds us :smile:

I have a Vive, got it the first month. I haven’t used it in about eight months. I’ve got a i7-6700K, 980Ti, and 16Gigs of DDR5. I was running into aggravating performance issues on Georgia independent of VR. And as @Sryan touched on, I fly fighters in DCS. For a number of reasons VR, while undeniably more immersive inside the cockpit, made the experience of fighting and using the jet more difficult, in my opinion unacceptably so.

I’m not here to fly the jet, I’m here to kill with the jet.

Now that said, keep in mind everything I’ve heard from the more numerous Oculus crowd lines up pretty well with my Vive experiences. I’m also fully aware I’m in the minority (hell, I am the minority) on this.

Only tips I have are:

  • You can tweak pixel density using this fix.

  • Play with your re-projection settings to see the setting that works best for you.

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@Mudcat I agree 100% games that were designed around VR and have been developed from the ground up definitely have an advantage over others. I have been playing a lot of Onward (roomscale tactical FPS) and it is fantastic, but even there with the Vive, long distance picture fidelity suffers because of the screen resolution and ‘screen door’ effect. This is also prevalent in DCS, but the big killer is just optimization for HMD. I battle more with keeping a consistent framerate and avoiding nausea-inducing judder than i do wishing for better resolution. That said, you are definitely at a disadvantage in the Vive when it comes to air combat, because of lack of resolution. Model scaling helps, but its still fatiguing and difficult. Not to mention twisting in your chair A LOT more that with something like trackIR.

The lens adjustment/eye witdth thing boggles me too. I can’t seem to see a difference at all.

@Sryan I’m currently running a GTX 1070 on top of an ASUS Sabertooth II with a 4690K i built a while back. Next big pc investment will be a new board and processor, either up to a 6 gen i7 or that new AMD brick thats coming out…

@near_blind Just missed your post. Absolutely agree with the cons of playability outweighing the pros of immersion. Still an epic experience, but air combat is basically a no - go in the Vive. If you can keep frames up while looking at the ground, its great fun with the A-10.

I’ve just started tweaking reprojecton, still trying to get it tuned out right. Is this pixel density fix external to the Pixel Density slider in the options menu? I struggle to maintain good frames at anything over x1.

It’s an eye fatigue thing. If they’re set too far apart/close you’re straining your eyes outward or inward to focus. If you’ve set it right then you shouldn’t feel a thing.

If you’re a glasses wearer, it’s the difference between a good and a badly focused pair of glasses.

It’s the same thing. Last time I messed with it the in game menu only effected the Oculus and didn’t do anything for the vive, hence the work around I posted. I don’t know if this has been changed.

Hm. Wasn’t aware of the lack of support for Vive. I’ll try the workaround. It does get tough to read gauges sometimes…

I don’t have a Vive, but I wouldn’t fly DCS without my Rift. The experience is just flat on a 2D screen. The caveat is that I play almost exclusively offline, so I really don’t care about being competitive in the multiplayer environment. With the VR Zoom function I find I can operate pretty well.