Vive Pro 2

I feel I’m on the edge of an entirely unexplored rabbithooooooole…

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One way to play around with it (and I’ve been curious about this just for the Index controllers) is to set up a ‘MixedVR’ set-up. You can use the Reverb but have a base station to provide tracking - plus get signals from pucks/trackers you do yourself. That way if you ever did go Index 2 (or whatever it will be) or even on of these, then you have at least that $200 bit already.

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I like the way you think! :laughing:


@Dburne could have benefited from this group , but instead we will benefit from his review :slight_smile:

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Area Man: It sounds expensive, and I don’t really know what it is yet.



Interesting. My plan was to get a 3080 and then upgrade my Rift to the Reverb G2. But at the time I actually get a 3080, this might be the even better option.

I actually ordered my 3080 last December and it was supposed to be delivered within a week. That was now 5 months ago. This week I got a mail from the retailer that they do not expect the supply situation to improve before the end of Q3 2021 and was offered the option to change my order to an alternative model (any 3080 that would become available next, with having to pay the difference to current marked price). I already paid for the card in December, then around $800. I suppose I will hang on to that initial order because I will not get that price again anytime soon. Then again, considering that the retailer has to source cards at current market price, you can figure how keen they are to fulfill my initial order…

Fancy site with the specs. Caveat emptor and all that:

Amazon also has it, and they do returns. :slight_smile:

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That is very good to know . Thanks !

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Looks sort of favorable in this review

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Interesting how he described his first impression of looking through a slot.
The vertical FoV isn’t that small, looking at the numbers. But the aspect ratio tricked him. And getting a much better result with less padding.
Will be one to look out for. But I really need a new GPU first… :wink:

Another review I’m looking forward to is VR Flightsim guy getting a Pimax 8KX.

But that’s for another thread…

Why didn’t they make that green light on the front red and make it scan like a cylon helmet or KITT.
Opportunity lost there

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Decent review here, with direct comparisons with existing headsets at the end.

Thanks for the link, I will watch it later.

I only need to keep in mind that his ‘edge-to-edge’ clarity interpretation quite differs to mine :roll_eyes:


Tested reviews are always pretty thorough. Norm’s conclusion seems to be ‘It’s ok, but could have been better, especially for the price’.

Yeah I like most of what I’ve seen/heard: FOV, resolution. But ugh, that price. And I’d have to get at least 1 base station too (needs those right?)

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