Viveport 5 Game $1 Deal

Hmm, $2 per game. Seems like an insanely good deal for those VR titles. Might go for it, just to see what the catch is.

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Wow, good deal:

I’ll just cancel the 14 day free sub.

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Sweet…I don’t own any of those!

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So I think the only downside is that you have to download/install via the Viveport software, but once that is done they are just standalone. Downloading Sairento VR now. Cool.

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Decent download capacity as well.

Note: all these titles are both SteamVR and Oculus runtimes.

Due the two week free trial you also get access to 5 other games. If not sure what to look at, then these are all pretty good to look at:

Torn, Gallery Ep 1, Gallery Ep 2, Seeking Dawn, Apex Construct.

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Ok, first one tried and it all works great.

Sairento VR is essentially ‘John Wick Simulator In Japan’. Really good fun so far.

You need really light touches on the control pad (little swipes with the pad of your fingers), but it works really well for quick movement. Swords, guns, ha ha… I’m a ninja!

(don’t worry I’m not going to video them all, just thought this one was especially funny with me leaping around)


One good use of the five extra ‘slots’ you get in the free subscription is stuff like this:

I very much enjoyed it (especially for free) and it’s the sort of thing I am ok with not keeping forever.

Before this deal I didn’t really pay any attention to Viveport, but the things I didn’t realize:

  • It’s for Oculus, Vive or WMR devices.

  • What you buy (the $1 deals) you keep forever, regardless of subscription plan.

  • The 14 days free subscription requires a credit card (which I need to buy the 5 1$ guys anyway), but you get 5 extra titles free to download during that trial period. Anything in their library with ‘Viveport Subscriber Download’ is up for grabs, and pretty much everything is.

  • You can cancel (say you just signed up to get those $1 deals) and it keeps the subscription active for the 14 days anyway.

  • If you’ve started the title once from Viveport (their Steam-like app) then you can just start it again from SteamVR, without needed to start up viveport again. I just put the ‘do not start with windows’ and then just forgot about it.

A really good deal for $5 plus the extra 5 free 14 days sub games. Who knew… :slight_smile:


Darn. I was out of town the past couple of days and just thought I’d sign up for this when I got home. Just sat down to do it and I see that four out of five of those $1 deals are now “sold out” leaving only Super Hot as available. It says to check back on 11/20 for Black Friday deals…

Stupid me for not jumping on it even though I wasn’t home…


Ah, that’s a shame :frowning:

SuperHot for $1, plus the five other games to play for free for 14 days is still pretty good though.

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Rumor has it that the Black Friday Viveport deal will still include the $1 specials (hopefully they are back in stock) and if you sign up for the 3 month membership, you can get Fallout 4 VR for free! Plus on 11/20 all subscribers (paid or trial) get a $10 credit…

So the 3 month sub will cost you $20…so you get Fallout 4 for that price, plus the five $1 games if they come back into stock, and 3 months of the normal subscription features (15 titles, five per month to play)…

I’ll probably hop on that tomorrow…!

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Finally, somewhere to spend that $200 I got back… :wink: lol

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Yep, looks like the deal is coming up. $10 credit plus Fallout VR included with $20 3 month sub. Hmm.

Is there a link that shows the Viveport library? I’ve tried to find one…but keep finding myself running up against a login page…

Ah…found it…

I usually just use the ‘search’ from this guy and set the Price to ‘subscription’ while poking around for things to choose:

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So with the “Black Friday” deals…they are offering a 6-month membership for $29.99…so I’m going to do that to get all the initial benefits like Fallout 4 VR for $20, the $10 credit, and hopefully some of those largely discounted games that are on sale today.

I just got emailed a CAD $15 voucher for being a ‘valuable subscriber’ (I’m on the free 14 day thing). Cool, especially with the sale on now.

Good grief, a lot of dross on sale, but I think I can spend it somewhere in here even just for 5 minute things:

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The the catalog is full of not so stellar stuff…but here and there I found some things I was interested in. At the very least, I got six months of messing around, $1 Super Hot and another $1 game, $20 Fallout and $10 credit. Not a bad combination of stuff…

Here’s a couple I would recommend to buy or try on sub, as have enjoyed them before:

From the makers of Myst, and similar in feel. I have some good memories of the places in this game, even though it isn’t real - weird. Puzzles not super easy though…

Really enjoyable VR art

Small craft sailing that feels pretty good:

Heard good things, so might pick this up. I mean, trains! :slight_smile:

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The one I want to try on subscription, as they are good titles (plus not cheap to buy and very different from the filler titles in the library) but more a ‘play through once and experience’ rather than keep forever’s.

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