Late reply, but I saw this announcement and although I am tempted to get one to see how it is, I kinda want to get the Thrustmaster Pedals and a PC upgrade first. Looks cool though! Certainly for the left/right sticks and how that would work for space games. Very curious about this.


I know what you mean.

It looks realy good and for me these ’ generic ’ grips ( counting also VPC Delta ) have much beter apeal than the ’ replicas '.

But feeling the same… I need more SSD space and more RAM first :slight_smile:


Will this fit in Virpil Base ?

Super duper intrested.

i too like “generig” grips.


VKB grips are not compatible with VPC bases out of the box.
Actualy I dont know about any adapter for VKB grips to make them compatible with VPC or TM WH bases.

There is definitely interface board and adapter for TM WH and VPC grips to make them compatble with VKB bases.