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Late reply, but I saw this announcement and although I am tempted to get one to see how it is, I kinda want to get the Thrustmaster Pedals and a PC upgrade first. Looks cool though! Certainly for the left/right sticks and how that would work for space games. Very curious about this.

I know what you mean.

It looks realy good and for me these ’ generic ’ grips ( counting also VPC Delta ) have much beter apeal than the ’ replicas '.

But feeling the same… I need more SSD space and more RAM first :slight_smile:

Will this fit in Virpil Base ?

Super duper intrested.

i too like “generig” grips.

VKB grips are not compatible with VPC bases out of the box.
Actualy I dont know about any adapter for VKB grips to make them compatible with VPC or TM WH bases.

There is definitely interface board and adapter for TM WH and VPC grips to make them compatble with VKB bases.

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I recently came across and purchased a LH SCG premium grip off VKB aliexpress store, it will make a perfect helicopter collective grip for my ka50 flying

I intend to fabricate a collective to attach it to, I have only taken the side panels off to inspect it and begin my investigations into the internals.

If possible I would rather not mess with the internals and simply capitalise on the existing 3 pin plug, however I need to be able to work out the connectivity to do so.

Im looking to attach it to a small pro-micro board (arduino mini clone) potentially with MMjoy to keep it simple for me, (otherwise Im going to have to learn to code in arduino as well)

Im just hoping someone here might be able to give me a heads up with either a wiring schematic or at least a list of chips in the grip, so that I can take that along to my good friend who is much better with electronics than I am (though thats not hard) and has been helping me with some more delicate soldering tasks.

(also posted the same in ED forums)

thanks in advance

nice, didnt know that they are selling also on AE store

pulled the grip apart and had a bit of an explore,
only a single run of 3 wires, everything else is PCB
there is an STM microprocessor chip on one of the boards
god only knows what the coding is on that & the 3 pin plug i can only assume is a positive, negative and some sort of one way data back to the base.
Short story though is - I’m not going to be able achieve my original intent & the only way to salvage the outlay is to buy a compatible stick/base like the gladiator pro mk2, then try to make some sort of channel rails to restrict the movement to only a single axis
as well as add some sort of friction lock…
not sure if I’ll add an extension shaft and cable to it, or just leave it as a short throw collective…

what you actualy need from the base is the main PCB. Maybe worth a try to ask them if they can sell it as a spare part

I believe that they are doing something like this:

If you can find out what chip that is…

Details of the chip in the grip as follows:

I was thinking of just buying the gladiator mk2 and opening up the gimbal
then manufacturing a small brace bar to replace the cam so that there is no lateral axis
also remove the springs from the cam assembly for the pitch axis and possibly applying rare earth magnets to the side of the cam (pending space and ability to fabricate brackets &/or utilise existing mount points) as well as ensuring it doesn’t affect the axis sensor arrangment…
as well as manufacture a small angled base to mount it on so that the entire stick is tipped forward.
Unfortunately the alternatives might simply prove too time consuming and costly