VKB Stick on Warthog/Virpil Base?

Does anyone know of an easy way to use a VKB stick on a Warthog/Virpil base? I could probably design and 3D print an adapter easily enough, but don’t know enough about the wiring…

Not sure if there’s a typo here, but Virpils stick grips are compatible with Thrustmaster Warthog and, naturally, Virpils bases…
The only drawback is that the levers on the Virpil stick grips functions as switches on a Thrustmaster base.


Good catch, thanks. Fixed!

Ok, VKB on Thrustmaster/VPC…
The VKB Black Mamba that I used, had an adapter for Thrustmaster stick grips.
Not sure how they do it today.

I guess you could bypass the connector on the VKB stick and make a new cable for the the Thrustmaster mini DIN connector and then 3D print a physical adapter.

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VKB won’t fit on a Thrustmaster or Virpil base, it has a much different attachment mechanism. There was an adapter you could buy to adapt a Thrustmaster grip for use on a VKB base but it doesn’t work the other way around.

Yup, tracking on the different mount. I thought maybe someone out there had created a shape file or wiring guide. Making a hardware converter won’t be too hard, I already have a shape file for the Thrustmaster nut, I would just need to reverse engineer the VKB clamp. Then, I could run a cord and plug the stick directly into a VKB base, off to the side.

Perfect world, I was hoping someone might have cracked the code on reading a VKB stick with the Brunner/Warthog/Virpil software (which is just reading shift registers, I believe). I wasn’t sure what was inside a VKB stick, but reading some other forums it looks like it’s a different animal entirely.

The old Black Mamba used similar shift regs as Thrustmaster, so it was just the physical connector that was different.
I don’t know how the new VKB sticks work though. They probably have some sort of controller inside the stick grip as their new grips also have axes now, I believe?
Virpils stick grips also have their own digital controller, but maintained Thrustmaster compatibility, as far as that was possible.
I guess, if you’re dead set on using a VKB stick grip on the Brunner, you could attached the stick grip to the Brunner and route the signals from the stick grip to the VKB base. You’d have to configure the X&Y axes from the Brunner and the rest from the VKB, but I think it would work…

Exactly. I might try it, we’ll see. I really prefer the flip-trigger on the VKB MCG for Viggening…

Any ETA on that Troll-stick ::nudge nudge::?

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Yes! Later… :wink:
I haven’t done anything for a year now, because of the move to the new location.

Haha, totally understand. Had to ask!

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