VKB Throttle ... wow

sadly this “Vintage” throttle unit is just a tech demo… not planned to be released.

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Blockquote : Just to clarify something, it is a mock render, which has never seriously been planned for production. One of “maybe some day” projects that every good designer has in numbers.
(sorry Sokol it might be a good joke to post it, but it’d better be kept till 1 April).
Please do not see it as an official announcement or any sort of promise.


the Throttle grips will be changeable :sweat_smile:

Man, that thing just screams Sturmovik to me!

I think that the dent system may have been a key component in the decision to go with a slider … unless they were just faithfully representing the Eastern designs. Likely the simpler explanation is correct :slight_smile:

Heh, amateurs… I can’t lose now!



True master mode is to play with an array of 10 unmarked keyboards with each key being mapped to a separate function in no logical pattern or ordering.

In other news, I think the fact that we’re debating the lack of an analog TDC hat in a specific location (it has a thumb-stick, right?) and the merits of sliding vs. pivoting throttles is a sign that this is a welcome icebreaker into a pretty stale market.


There’s a market for these things?
I thought everybody made their own throttles…


I completely agree!

But it might be worth mentioning…

…that you and I are the only two guys left using CH Throttles and never stopped sliding for power in the first place!

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As per the TDC, isn’t the radar cursor control on the Viper throttle operated by the thumb? Might not be that awkard after all…

Edit: But it looks like that hat might not be a slew control but rather a 4/8 way hat.

Yeah but I can’t tell 'em apart! VKB here, SOB there, FNG the other place. It’s a confusing alphabet soup of Cyrillic translating badly to Roman. Plus, in the stick market I am never clear if the thing is supposed to fit on a Warthog base or is a device all its own. (I was similarly confused with VR and dove in anyway. Maybe I will eventually here as well.)

Found the Mi-8 controller…(pull for power…)

That’s valid. On the other hand my utility for purchase is that it must simulate this:

and this:


Better than my current warthog set to get me over the fence. Here’s to hoping that hat on the front is at least a four way + push.

Well, I fell in! I got the VKB Gunfighter pro on order. I also ordered the adaptor so I can try that base with the Warthog. I got 2 WT throttles so another throttle will be hard to justify… Cant wait to get it here…

Some new … physical renders I guess :-). Looks like this is a little ways out.

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What plane is that based on?

I have been waiting a looong time for this. VKB is finally ready to share some additional details about their new throttle.

For more information, please go here: VKB TECS: MODULARITY FULL AHEAD - VKB-SIM

But a couple of interesting points:

  • Electronic detents? What the… “programmable detents. YOU will set detents position as well as their type (warning tactile click or hard limit, one- or two-way detent) […] Mechanical detents bite out quite some working range of the main axis. One detent for idle, another for afterburn - oops, 10-15% of the range gone (due to dead zone in the neighborhood of the detent). Electronic detents will spare much of this waste. Subtle movement around the detent point are hard to manage in mech detent system. Electronic detents cancel this problem altogether: they have practically zero width, and deactivate momentarily. Mechanical detents have to be strong. In the heat of the combat it is so easy to smash the grips into the limit. Electronic detent will detect overload, and will deactivate automatically.
    Electronic detents’ force can be adjusted.”
  • Arc version with mechanical detents for 200 USD?
  • Arc premium with electronic detents 350-400 USD?
  • Rail premium for 400-450 USD?
  • Launch date? No idea. Given VKB’s previous timelines, maybe as short as 6 months but likely a year (or more, me being a pessimist about release dates)

Copied 1 image from their site to give a look at the throttle. The base is a temp/development base as they are waiting on patents for the ‘electric detents’.



Max Sigh GIF by The Secret Life Of Pets

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Hm… Well, the point of a detent is to stop the motion or give you tactile feedback of the position. I don’t understand this point of theirs. You’re either below detent, at detent or above. If you need to move subtly about the detent, the purpose of the detent seems wasted…?
I mean, if the AB kicks in at 80%, I want the AB detent just below that, so I can advance the throttle until the detent stops it, without lighting the AB. I don’t want to advance the throttle to the detent and subtly beyond the detent…

Besides, detents in real aircraft are usually mechanical.
So I guess that I don’t quite see what they are getting at here.

The other point, of detents having deadzones, is valid. At least when using ball plunger detents like I did. But when using rollers and notches, as VPC does, this is really negligible.

But it would be cool if the electronic detents would allow for different detents in different aircraft.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what they come up with.
I wonder if they will have finger lifts, or maybe buttons that must be held, to move into or out if, detent. That would be nice…


Or even a series of them, so you can feel the stages of afterburner in the jets that do that (many of them IIRC)


Since the VPC software can generate a button press based on axis position and because you can create a profile for different aircraft, in essence, it does this now, right?