VKB Tomcat (VFX) Grip Entering Production

Looks like the VKB Tomcat grip is entering production. Looks very interesting and I will have to see if I can make room in the budget for this grip. You can never have too many grips, right? Right?

The announcement can be read

  • here on the VKB forums: link
  • here on r/Hotas: link

Some snippets are below:

  • Rubber inserts for a no slip firm and handy grip
  • Metal ammo switch, hat, and emergency autopilot disable trigger
  • Long travel soft click buttons
  • Modular hat design (fully dismantleable, all buttons user replaceable)
  • Ammo switch design based on contactless sensor
  • DLC maneuver wheel design based on contactless sensor
  • Two-step trigger design based on cam mechanism – similar to that used in real life war planes
  • Lockable contactless sensor twist mechanism
  • 32-bit APM controller as the brain of the grip

We’re planning the first copies roll out in early-mid November. There will be pre-order open in November; RRP is marked at 189 USD (base not included).

Those who already purchased F-14 module from Heatblur will enjoy 10% off this price; those who consider buying that module will have 10 USD off the price of the module with the purchase of the VKB F-14 grip.

New VKB F-14 grip is breaking into the gaming devices market. We know: we did it right, and we’re proud of our new creation. Hope, you can join us and share our pride and happiness!

An attentive pilot has probably noticed something interesting in the picture of the grip… What could that be? - Great question. Please stay tuned for more news: a new announcement is coming soon.

I sure hope so, because mine just shipped… :sunglasses:

Edit. LOL! Disregard! My VPC VFX grip just shipped :smiley:

Absolutely correct, sir!

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L@@KS Nice!!!

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