VoiceAttack profile for IL-2 Great Battles

I know that a few of you have tried VoiceAttack. I’ve only begun using it regularly over the last few months, well since the Tomcat was released, but now can’t imagine life before it. Anyway, I’ve created a VA profile for IL-2 Great Battles and posted it over at the IL-2 Sturmovik forum. I didn’t know whether it was best to create a new post here, or link it. Some folks are sensitive to multi-board spamming. So, here is a link. I’ll attach the file in case you just want to import and run with it. -cheers

EDIT: Updated zip archive with readme.

IL-2 Great Battles-Profile.zip (8.8 KB)


I never understood that in instances like this since you are offering something worthwhile and no one goes to every forum.


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With pilots gestures being a thing in Il-2, I’m going to have to bind them to a voice command to use in VR. So cool.


Thanks Storm. Yeah, I was thinking that the hand gestures would be mandatory to communicate in Flying Circus.

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Hi I have looked and wanted to thank you for this. Could you PM (email me please) at [email protected] I’ve basically made some really quite nice added onto Macros and new commands engine start ups etc. Some of these for the ME262. rather than share the merged VAP file here (because it contains your work) I will post it to you via Email. then you could choose to post this new file up / or not. Kindest regards. Really loving IL2 Great battles but its a shame that (out of sale and new content) is so goddamn’d expensive a lot of effort went into this though obv’s :slight_smile: My Father flew in a HE111 btw for the Luft Waffe the wrong side??? He’d love this (Great Battles) but has passed on to wings in the sky.

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Actually here’s a link to my added content. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvE6bgQ5wBcatMpeWxLuPuW3bljCIg?e=0YbN6c Enjoy.

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