vorpX impressions

The amount of flashbacks those screenshots caused for me is stunning.


Whoa, flashbacks to Baa Baa Black sheep TV series.



I owe you lots of beers for lots of things, @BeachAV8R. But I can clearly see the rabbit hole and have no desire to step anywhere close to it. 1946 was the sim where I learned how much fun online air combat can be. That was the best of times. But I can never go back.


:beers: You don’t owe me anything. You’ve been buying me a few beers each month if I recall… :wink:

Ah…I might have been sort of lucky in that regard. I probably have only accumulated about 5 hours of 1946 gameplay. I think I was stuck on EECH and Longbow 2 during those years mostly…so I have a nice treat to explore if I can find the time.

IL-2 '46 might be the first sim that looks better in VR than 2D. Nice screens Beach :+1:


Speaking of rabbit holes…!


You madman! :slight_smile:

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It’s like another, another, another level of fun. You know how it is. Get a widescreen monitor…oh…go check out all your old games and see how they look. Get TrackIR…oh…go check out all your old games and see how they look. Get a VR headset…oh…go and check out all your old games to see IF they work. Got vorpX…go check out all your old games that you never saw in VR…

I’m definitely not getting anything done this week.


EECH is interesting in that I can’t head tracking to work in the cockpit unless I use Open Track. If I don’t use Open Track, I can get the external view to pan around just fine using the VR headset because it is using Mouse Look - but I can’t get Mouse Look working in the cockpit to do the same thing. :man_shrugging: Open Track works fine though…but you do have an order of operations:

Open Track

All works fine in that order. Again, I might need to adjust the EECH.ini or whatever controls the FOV because the widest field of view could still stand to be another 10 or 15 degrees greater I think.

Very rough video of EECH. Hard to hold the phone in the eyepiece while holding the VR headset and sort of trying not to crash. Obviously, it is much, much clearer in the headset…I’m trying my best not to let my phone camera hit the lens of the Reverb lest I scratch it.

Arma 3 is absolutely awesome with vorpX. Works out of the box, but you’ll probably want to tinker with both in game and vorpX settings to find a best quality solution. This game I actually prefer to run in “Immersive Screen” mode which mostly fills the screen, is still 3D, but allows you to see the edges of the screen by moving your head so you can see the A3 menus…

Helicopters are great. Tank interiors are really cool. It’s all very impressive…

More on this tomorrow…


So still a hard ‘no buy’? :slight_smile:


Seeing that Il-2 1946 and EECH work pretty well has me severely tempted. VorpX supposedly works with ARMA II as well, so if the implementation is as good as III, it may be a great way to finally try out @Franze’s Apache mod. Going to sit on this a few days, but I may have to disregard @BeachAV8R’s advice. :grimacing:

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Haha…well, for you, and probably most VR Mudspikers that don’t mind getting their hands a bit dirty…I think it is a fun tool that can add a lot of value to lots of games and sims. It really would be great if it had a 48 hour demo period.

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I’ll qualify this with the fact that those helos with the helmet mounted HUD do have a problem in that the HUD is rendered twice at different angles, and it is not focused at infinity which makes the HUD look like double-vision.

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Doesn’t ARMA have native VR support? I distinctly recall getting very nauseous from trying infantry in VR with the DK2 loaner back when.

No, never did. A few test rigs at best, but it never got official VR support.

So as I said last night - A3 is a lot of fun with vorpX and VR. It would be great if there was a way to make the HUD data only show in one eye though. This through the lens shot doesn’t show the doubling of the HUD because it is only taken through one eye. It is distracting, but not game killing. It is focused about 3 inches in front of your face…so you can focus on it and it become clear, but then everything else goes wonky…

Rifles and stuff are really cool. Floating there in 3D in front of you, and you can tilt your head to the side to sight down the optics. Of course, you’ll get optics views of slightly different angles through both eyes, just as in real life, so you may want to pick your dominant eye - or you’ll just have to squint one eye if you are struggling with the realistic depiction of battling eye dominance.

The reason I like Immersive Screen as opposed to full 3D is the ability to look at the edges of the screen to see game overlay stuff.

Helicopters are just so much fun…


Definitely got this sorted. If you go into the aircraft’s INI file, for instance, the A-1H I’m flying has that file under: D:/ThirdWireMods/Thirdwire/SF2V/Objects/Aircraft/A-1H

Hm call me stupid or at least a noob, but how does SF2 work again with mods?
By default it creates some stuff in your “Saved Games” folder and I managed to point “mods” to a different location. But no “Cockpit.ini” files in there. Just the basic aircraft ini files…

In the installation folder, there are also no such files, just .cat files…

You have to download a file extractor tool (Thirdwires site )which will let you extract them from the the relevant cat files.

Once extracted they have to be placed in the correct folder for the game to pick them up.

Also see here for info.

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