Vote for the next Wargame nation

You can vote for wich nation you would like to see next in Wargame.

I voted for Vietnam :smiley:

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I voted for Rooikats.

I voted for Israel because more cobras in a match cant be bad…can it? Also I would just settle for a javelin for the US.

What’s with the Swedish chick wearing the United States kit?

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ISRAEL !!! i need some Merkava Action !! :smiley: especially if they gonna have the special anti anti tank missile system xD


I’ll have to vote when I’m back home but the choice is an easy one.

Iran because, you know, Tomcats.

just for the protocol you allready have F-14’s in the game … - YouTube


im gonna wait for those tomcats in DCS m8 :wink:

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We have a WINNER !!! :smiley: