VPC are too close for missiles

Just going to leave this little tidbit, from the @vpc_virpil Facebook page…


Oooooh… The thing that might tip me over the edge into an order… Nice!

I thought that VKB is working on this grip. Or do they both ?

I thought so too… I don’t know if they are both doing one…?

This will be most useful if I ever get the F-14 (Yes, I’m THAT guy) :shushing_face:

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You’re saying you and @Hangar200 is the same guy…?

Only in HIS dreams!

…and the “I don’t watch Game of Thrones” comment in 3…2…


What’s Game of Thrones?


When you and a buddy fight over who plays Maverick and who plays Goose in your F-14 in multiplayer. Up front is the ejection seat of power, he who sits controls the path to reach your fate.

On the other hand, the guy in the back wields the true might of the tomcat, the AWG-9. He also gets to eject both.

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That’s what makes the Tomcat so great. It models real power systems, with the real authority behind the scenes.

Finally! :f14:

Turn on the sound… :sunglasses: