VPC. From Russia, with love...

I ordered a new stick grip for my VPC MT-50 base.
It’s an improved version of their first grip.
Over all black. Some new button designs and most importantly, a longer brake lever. The fold down trigger got a beef-up as well.


If my TM Warthog ever dies, then I think I am going to try a Virpil stick. That looks excellent @Troll.


They are excellent!
VPC seems to be a dedicated HOTAS production company.
There’s been some teething problems, and logistical growing pains. But over all, great products.
They are now retiring their first stick base design, the MT-50. They have hired Baur, who made the BRD-N stick that I’ve got. He made the WarBRD stick base for VPC.
Will be exciting to see what they come up with next.
Wouldn’t be surprised if rudderpedals are in the pipeline, and a new stick.


How stiff is the movement on the VPC sticks (that required careful wording :joy:). My main complaint with the Warthog stick is that precise input isn’t easy due to the centering force being so high.

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Oh, Paul…! :blush:

The MT-50 has three different spring and cam options. And the springs can be pre-tensioned. Centering force can be adjusted from zero to extreme. It’s really quite something else.
BTW, there’s an excellent review available here:wink:

The WarBRD has Baurs signature dual scissor cams. They require big springs, as in the BRD-N, but there’s no room inside the smaller base of the WarBRD, so centering is not as pronounced. But the scissor cams makes the center transition and force distribution, incredibly smooth.


Looking at the VirPil website, I could just buy the WarBRD base and use my Warthog grip for $170. Very nice review btw :wink: . Hmmmmmmmmmm maybe I need an upgrade sometime soon. :slight_smile:

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While I’m not ready to switch from CH WH (although I agree with @PaulRix that it is a bit stiff) it seems that for just ov er $60 I can get that cool desk mount and the adapter plate for the CH WH…I think I’ll ask Santa! :grin:

Is that… Like… A CH stick with a WH throttle? Or a CH throttle with a WH stick? Or has CH made a WH stick and throttle now?

I think he just means TM WH.
But what would I know, @Buckeye busted me mixing up VPC with VKB…

By the way, is the left side thumb button a directional button or is it a single press button?

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Funny the way your mind deciphers things. I see “momentary button” and immediately think “what does it revert to after being a button?”

A sentient AI in your joystick.

“Wonderful shot. Murderer.”
“There are people on this planet that can’t afford missiles, you know!”
“After that landing, the only thing left that they can reuse is the ejection seat!”
“A bigger probe wouldn’t make it any easier for you to get into the basket!”

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Sounds like a combination of Chuck Yeager’s comments at the end of a mission in CYAC and that awful gun “Bane” in Borderlands.

I thought about this HOTAS but went with the X56 Rhino in the end.

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Looks pretty cool. 023


What he said. :sunglasses:

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