VPC Joystick Base- Tips and Tricks

As my Warthog stick base is more and more problematic, I figured it was time to pick up something new.

So for those who own it, what are your thoughts on cams and springs? I’ve got a mount being 3d printed now for the Obutto frame, and I believe I’ll be ordering the 200mm curved extension as soon as I can verify the dimensions of everything I’ve roughed out.


with the extension I use the soft center avia cam for roll and no center avia cam for pitch. I use the heaviest springs cranked down as tight as I can make them. As long as you are using a virpil grip (lightweight) it has zero issue returning to center.

If you are using a thrustmaster grip I would recommend playing around with it. you will definitely want the heavy springs, Cam choice is gonna be trial and error tho. On an extension a thrustmaster grip is honestly too heavy for the cams/springs provided, still works, but the stick can’t quite return to center with the extension, moment arm is too long.


Thanks for the heads up! Which grip are you using?

I use a thrustmaster warthog on the 20cm extension (and a 10cm one below that!). Yes it’s wobbly. If I let it go it will not center immediately. It doesn’t fall over however. So it can center, and stay centered. That’s on hardest springs, tightened almost to max.
I put in a no-center cam on pitch, and the soft center one on roll. Can’t exactly remember which ones, different ones for pitch and roll IIRC.


Schurem, are you using the WarBRD or T-50CM2 base? I’m not sure which the OP received, but I’ve got a T-50 on order and am curious if it will re-center. Intend to use TM sticks with the 200mm curved extension.

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Sorry, should’ve clarified- I have the T-50. And if my eyeballing is right, I’m looking at 10 or 20 cm of extension (waiting on the mount to be fabricated, since I can’t get on campus to run the printer myself).


I got the WarBRD, so no extensions here.

It is a fantastic base. I go with no center cams on both axes, hard spring and TM F/A-18C grip.

In short: nirvana :slight_smile:

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Virpil T-50CM2 grip most of the time, swap their VFX grip on every now and then

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I’ve also got the T-50CM2 base and grip set, with the 200 mm curved extension.

I also ended up on soft center for roll, no center for pitch, heaviest springs.

The ‘no center’ cams are very wobbly around the middle, which makes for fine control but with my slightly tilted base setup, I am quite sure the stick doesn’t center fully in pitch when I let go. Not a real issue though, I like the fine control it gives me

3D printing of the mount adapters for the Obutto are finished, and I’m swinging by to pick them up this afternoon. To say I’m slightly excited would be a bit of an understatement- pictures to follow as I’m determining the length of extension to order.


Just wanted to make a report: After having owned the Virpil T-50CM2 and 20cm curved extension for 24 hours, A2A refueling is awesome!!

In the past it’s always been a struggle for me. I can fly formation off someone’s wing, but not fingertip, and refueling was insanely frustrating. I had no idea it was simply a hardware issue; lack of precision. My previous joystick had a tiny hardware deadzone that I never could make go away completely, and it resulted in it being nearly impossible to make tiny corrections.

After hooking up the Virpil and mounting it into my simpit, I played with cams a little while. I tried the aviasim no-center for pitch as recommended by a few here, but wound up not liking it and going back to the soft-center. It seemed to make the pitch range too ambiguous and wound up with the joystick oscillating all the time, no ideal for fixed-wing. The soft-center with the heavy springs were perfect.

Then I fired up the A2A refueling mission in the Hornet. Plugged and got a full transfer the first time!!
The F-14 is a little more difficult, but I was still able to get plugged and full after a few tries.
Now when I’m working my way through the Raven One campaign, I’m actually looking forward to the refueling parts!

I hate it when people blame a software (training) issue on hardware, but in this instance, it honestly was!

ETA- I’m proud to report that in the 24 hours since the ship was upgraded with the new flight controls, not a single tanker has gone down due to a friendly-fire incident.


Nice! Congrats on a great stick!
VPC makes great gear. What I like the most is the ability to personalize the centering force, with different cams and springs. Everybody can fit it to suit their style.