VPC Mongoos T-50 Review



What are yor thoughts after 6months of use guys? @Troll, @MBot ?


My stick started to develop various problems towards the end of last year, such as loosening of screws, “groaning plastic” sounds of the grip under load and increasingly noises and “clunking” of the gimbals. End of December I was asked by Virpil to send in the unit for repair, which I did. After two months, they sent me a brand new unit, which I think was a very nice move and greatly appreciated.

Since the time without stick was enough to overcome my acute flightsim addiction and I got occupied with other things (Command) meanwhile, I haven’t actually returned to the virtual cockpit yet and therefore the new stick still remains unused. Since this is a newer unit I hope that this stick doesn’t suffer from the QA issues of the initial batches. Fingers crossed, as I really like the T-50 in principle.


Like @MBot I too suffered from loose cams. I thought it might have to do with changing cams a lot, for the review, but it turns out others had this problem as well.
The first batch of sticks had the cams attached by two 3mm screws. Later batches were upgraded to 4mm screws. This seems to do the trick.
VPC replaced my stick base as fast as russian postal services allowed. From my experience with them, they take their time. Especially when doing customs clearances.
When I get the time, I will update the review to reflect this.


Boy, now I do not dare to ask for our next MP session :wink:

I guess things will change, once carrier ops are real.


Thx, for the feedbacks. Being early adopter has its risks I gues. But hapy to hear they replaced the units.

Looking forward to your further insights.

Btw speaking about the adiction I feel like mine is even geting stronger while not flying :slight_smile:


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as far as,The Thrustmaster F-22 Pro; it didn’t even make a mark in the industry. it took 20 years to get a review. lol

Old matter but,

In defense of the poor F-22 PRO - the “high end” HOTAS of end of 1990’s, an review by simmer (and not an today “d’umbox” by “youtuber”) was posted in Combatsim - the reference web site at time. :wink:



OMG! I HAD one


I had all the old TM stuff.
The original FCS was my first, followed by the FCS Pro. I used that one’s stiffer springs for my jet sims like F3/Hornet/MiG-29 and used the original one for the WWI/WWII prop sims. I remember talking with Buzz Hoffman on Prodigy about them. It was great when it was still his small company. He died way too young, like a year or two after he sold it and retired. :frowning:
I got the original anodized aluminum RCS pedals next (as well as the TM1 wheel, although the “wheel pedals” were never good). I never got the WCS.

Instead, I waited for the FLCS/TQS combo. I remember I bought that around 1995. I then kept that FLCS/TQS/RCS combo for many, many years, upgrading them with Bob Church’s chips (that he also made for the F22) to keep them working until…was it 2009 when I got the G940 I’ve still got now? That was also my last TM purchase. I didn’t think the F22 was a big enough change to make it worth switching to.

The demise of the gameport pretty much was the reason for getting the G940 (as well as wanting FFB). Otherwise, I LOVED the FLCS and TQS despite needing to replace the pots in them at least 2x over in the almost 10 years I had them. Of course, the G940 is now almost 10 years old and I’m finally replacing it!