VPC V.F.X & WarBRD stick grip review

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Mudspike contributor, Jörgen ”Troll” Toll, takes a closer look at VPC Virpils latest flight controller stick grips. Read the review of the VPC MT-50CM2 and WarBRD flight controller base units here. Sticks and stones… WarBRD & V.F.X VPC recently released a couple of stick grips, or handles if you will, for their flight controller base…


Great review @Troll

For people finding this comment from the main article, the raffle to win these devices is here:

Good luck!


How would you compare the WarBRD stick to the old Thrustmaster 90’s era sticks? I had the “Top Gun” stick but i think that was just a rebranded model of a different type that they sold for the longest time, which itself was just a copy of that standard pattern stick found in many US military aircraft. I’d always felt that the pattern was very comfortable, only bested by the later Afterburner stick (which, for obvious reasons, didn’t last that long).


The FCS Mk.II and TopGun sticks are very similar to the WarBRD. I.e. they all look similar to the F-86 Sabre stick. This was a pretty common stick used in other airframes as well.
I never had this TM stick myself, so I can’t compare function.

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How about size? The old FCS stick was very limited, so I don’t expect much of a contest there, but it seemed to fit my hands very well.

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I have rather big, clumsy hands…

I think the grip is fine. But it sits a little bit lower on the base.

Here are some good tech drawings of VPC gear.


Nitpicking :slight_smile:

WarBRD grip is not inspired in F-86 (B-8) grip, but in Mi-8 helicopters grips.

Could happens that Mi-8 grip similarity with B-8 is not just coincidence, but their heritage still Russian.

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Looks like a F4 Phantom grip too… and the UH1 Huey’s cyclic…
Regardless of the origins of Virpil’s design, it is a great match for a number of US aircraft from the 50’s and 60’s.


Hi @Sokol1 and thanks for the heads up!
It does indeed look a lot like a Mi-8 grip.
However, this is what Virpil states in their webshop:

Based on an iconic grip design featured in a huge number of planes and helicopters since the dawn of the jet age

And when looking at these links, it becomes clear that it’s not just a Mi-8 grip. Most notably the lower left pinky switch on the WarBRD and edge between the grip and the angled thumbstick, makes it look more like a Mix between the Hip stick and the B8.




But the Mi-8 stick grip share many features with the B8.
I don’t know who copied who…? :wink:


Well, the F86, F4 and UH1 all flew in the 50’s while the Mi8 first flew in ‘61 according to Wikipedia.

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Doesn’t mean aaanything :wink:

What I see as more obvious problem is that DCS Mi8 doesnt have trim hat just trim release.

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