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where is the rule that states that if link is not working correctly due to error? I do not find any rules relate to this. where are this site located at?

You can find the rules of this contest in the very first post of that thread.

To enter the contest you need to post a screenshot and roll the dice.
Since you didn’t post a screenshot in the post with the diceroll, it was not according to the contest rules, and was removed.


I can read that. I do not see any of violation of my original post, it was just done via url which it should link to the image. There is no specific which will violation the rules.

Here’s a quote from that post:

You did not upload a screenshot to your post.
This is the final word on the matter.


Yes that is explained clear. but I did post a HTTP. like all of post is done via HTTP address, not upload. I would like to dispute your decision to remove just because it didn’t link correctly via url button. I felt that is just unjustified and lack of specific of rule. again I did not violate the rule.

Let me point to another part of the contest rules.

I deemed that your post was in violation to the contest rules since you did not upload a screenshot. The decision is final.
Now let it go.


again i didn’t not violate rules it was incorrectly inserted the link into body of post which cause broken link.

next time you set that kind of contest. put down all of specific that may violation the rules. not on your own opinion. to make it fair and transparency for everyone.

I don’t know how I can make this any more transparent than you did not post a screenshot in the contest entry post.
The rules were simple. You made a mistake in your post so it was removed.
Your post is not the only one that was removed.
I can’t treat your post differently because you rolled a high number. The rules apply to all participants.


And, @Maximus aka @VinniePenstar
Since you created two accounts that both participated in the contest, you are hereby disqualified and suspended from this forum.


This was the correct course of action. The rules were clear and almost all of the entrants followed the rules and participated within the spirit of the contest.


Yeah I know. Me and dice have newer been friends. My RPG career was among other reasons short because of that. It was not that fun when the dice almost always seemed to be against me.

Oh well, I tried and that is what counts.