VR and DCS Screenshots/Video Capture


Does anyone have a good setup for capturing video while in VR? My go-to method for my TrackIR setup was to use OBS to record my view, which would allow me to focus on what I was doing in-game and go back to the ‘tape’ to pull out screenshots for posting.

Does anyone have a good setup for this with VR and DCS?

Hmmmm…VR…hadn’t thought of that. :thinking:

I have only tried recording video when I was using a monitor and I can see as how the reduced view of the VR “view” on the monitor is an issue.

Is there a way to save a flight, turn off VR, then replay it and record the video from that?

I think that if you start DCS in ‘non VR mode’, you can go to the track and replay it with some success*. I have done this for some of my more detailed multiplayer AARs and have not had problems (though that was before VR). So that will work but it tends to take a lot of time to replay the mission to pull out screenshots.

  • Sometimes replays break for unknown reasons so don’t rely on that method. Assume that if you upgrade DCS, the old tracks will break.

Are you just looking for “only what you saw” in VR?

Yeah. I can likely get the squished view by attaching OBS to the DCS output window but I was wondering if someone was able to get something working that would give a better picture.

This RedKite video on youtube is a good example of what I am aiming for:

whereas in this RedKite VR video, you can see the ‘viewport’ on the left, with some other recorded footage on the right.

I think that what they are doing is replaying the track in DCS in non-VR mode and recording that.
Instead of this, which is what I expect:

The other option is to crop the vertical ‘slice’ video that DCS puts out to your monitor while in VR so that you get the ‘correct’ aspect ratio and use that.

There are plug-ins for full rez VR shots in OBS, I have no done any of it myself so can’t confirm exactly how well it works, but you might want to take a look at least

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Jabbers did a summary of VR streaming/recording. I don’t do it so can’t say if it’s any good or not, but I remember it being ok in terms of techniques.



I streamed the oculus mirror using OBS. IIRC the option to record and stream was available

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My App will allow you to configure and launch oculus mirror window in preset and custom resolutions/render modes.

then you just have OBS record that window


The plugin for OBS that @Mudcat mentions above works pretty well. @SkateZilla I will take a look at that on the weekend and see what I can do.

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(sigh)…the peer pressure is just to great…I have to go do this now…

Actually I really like making flight sim videos - only FSX so far. But with this info… :grin:


Do you mean how to set OBS for game recording? If you do, this article How to Record Diablo 3 Gameplay may help you. But I think Joyoshare Screen Recorder is more user-friendly. I usually use it to record gameplay at 60fps in 1080p. It has some editing features that OBS doesn’t have.