VR battle - Nvidia 3080 vs AMD 6800xt - Babeltech reviews!

here a great in depth review of the 2 cards in VR.
there are no flight sim titles but there are 2 cars sims and elite dangerous

Nvidia seems to have a little(?) advantage in frametime and unconstrained frames in most but not all titles

on a sidenote i’m becoming a fan of this website! provide great reviews often targeted to simmer crowds!

PS didn’t know if to post in nvidia or amd thread so opened a new one! hope it’s ok otherwise feel free to move it!


WOW, that’s THOROUGH review!

I like it…

Makes me feel good about reserving my spot on the list for a 3080 really. I’m surprised to not see il2, VTOL VR nor DCS in his VR titles. This guy (babeltech) does fly.

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when they presented him they said he flies dcs and il2…

so i’m eagerly awaiting a review in next months… let’s hope and see…

in this one they have added assetto corsa…