VR cooling / air circulation to prevent VR lens fog

I have a ginormous head that gets hot when I do physically active VR. This leads to my VR headset lenses getting fogged up. The only thing that’s eliminated it for me is a normal room-scale fan pointed right at my head from three to eight feet.

I’m only pointing this out because I’ve just realized that I need ANOTHER fan on the other side of the room depending on my VR needs! :slight_smile: (I own a HP G2 and Oculus Quest 2) I’ll be looking for a low decibel fan over the next few days. The guys playing Onward keep complaining that I sound like I’m playing in a wind tunnel LOL!


Having a fan blowing in your face also does a lot in keeping nausea at bay (take note there @NEVO ).


I’ve often wondered why VR googles don’t have a built-in fan like most drone FPV goggles do.


Really? COOL!

thx, and it also helps with the immersion in Rata (and other open cockpit planes) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: