VR - could it do a monocle?

So flying in VR has gotten me to thinking. Would it be possible, using VR, to implement the single eye monocle that the Apache pilot uses? I know it would screw with everyone’s brain (Nicolas Cage taught me that)…but I was wondering if there is something about the way that VR works that wouldn’t allow for that?



From Ed Macy:

“The monocle left the pilot’s left eye free to look outside the cockpit, saving him the few seconds that it took to look down at the instruments and then up again…. New pilots suffered terrible headaches as the left and right eye competed for dominance. They started within minutes, long before take-off…. As the eyes adjusted over the following weeks and months the headaches took longer to set in. It was a year before mine disappeared altogether…. I once filmed my face during a sortie with a video camera as an experiment. My eyes whirled independently of each other throughout, like a man possessed.”

Err…OK, maybe I’ll pass…



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Used a monocle NVG (pvs 14) regularly without issue, maybe slightly different though.


I’d think that any VR display would let some alternate imagery be displayed on either “eye,” depending on how it is set to project the image.

By the same token, it’s not something that is going to come up a lot, unless some folks are planning to get real hardcore with rifles. Yes, you’re supposed to keep both eyes open, even when looking down the sights – and especially with scoped weapons.

I already contemplated that here:

Seems like a cool concept.

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Further in that book Macy describes he can read two passages of text at the same time and understand what he’s read. :crazy_face:

Losing your lunch is easy enough with VR… so not for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

The early builds of VTOL VR tried this, so it’s technically possible. I had issues similar to those described by the helicopter pilots and worse still, you couldn’t choose which eye it was over.

I think that the community must have rebelled, because the developer switched over to an F-35 style “see-through” cockpit.

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