VR driving sim for learning how to drive.

Anyone with a driving sim suggestion for an oculus to teach someone how to drive? And I’m talking about track…

I don’t have a wheel, and I really think you need a wheel to actually get good enough for some skills transfer to the real world.

Out of the VR ones I own, I think Assetto is probably the most realistic in terms of tyre and racing line feel.

@guod is the guy though.


It will help you with your situational awareness (everything that is going on around you) and such but it won’t teach you how to read what the car is telling you. After I type that, it sounds stupid but it’s pretty true.

Yeah, Doug can answer which is the best driving sim right now. I’m partial to rally sims, but like PCars 2 very much.

My 02, force feedback and the physics modeling has reached the point that you can learn much from driving sims, like the best lines, the concepts of decreasing your lap times by improving your corner exit speed, the basics of car setup, how to appreciate a car with a lot of oversteer, and how to exploit the differences in a front or rear wheel car.

Of course what you can’t learn is how the car should feel in the seat vs just the wheel. For me, adjusting to how late you can brake in a race car was the most surprising. In driving school they start you off at what feels initial like a short braking distance and then move it toward the turn. By the end of the first day you are going almost two thirds deeper that you thought physically possible.

Also, using a non synchromesh racing gearbox takes a bit of learning, no mater how good you think you are with a stick. Other than that you will already have an advantage in most other areas than non sim drivers, not to mention there is a good chance you will know whatever track you are driving on, depending on you sim experience.

IMO, there is much to be learned summing and it is exponentially cheaper.

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Thanks. But I’m looking for something not to max perform while yelling “power”. I’d like something like GTA style city to drive… without whacking hookers and taking their money.

Without being track but towns etc then ETS or American Truck Sim teach rules of the road, work in VR, but of course are big rigs :slight_smile:

There are probably 4-5 racing sims that would provide what you’re looking for, but for overall value I’d suggest Assetto Corsa for someone just getting into it. Check the Thrustmaster website for wheel/pedal combinations. They have them available in all price ranges and a wheel makes all the difference in the world.

Hmmmm…my car usually just tells me, “Nice move, you just ran another red light…idiot” :fearful:

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