VR Free gloves

Crowdfund campaign for VR Free hand tracking VR Gloves.
DCS compatible.

Looks interesting. Rather expensive.

I have two possible issues.

  1. Gloves. Would rather have naked hand tracking.
  2. True 3D tracking means that the physical reality can block the virtual reality.

I have the PointCtrl mouse trackers, and while slightly bulky, they act as a mouse pointer which means you don’t actually have to reach out in physical space to touch virtual stuff.
There are of course pros and cons with 2D vs. 3D hand controllers. 3D controllers are undoubtedly more immersive, but 2D is in many ways easier…

What do you guys think?


Yeah…but if these are Nomex then you would be safer…although you can get them without VR for a lot cheaper…

(probably the most ridiculous post I’ve ever…um…posted)

Which it does with the controllers…if I had a dime for every time I banged a controller while reaching for the parking brake or cowl flaps lever…or reached for the Viggen eject handle…:open_mouth:

Regardless - you mentioned it - wayyyy too expensive. :slightly_smiling_face:


Whoa expensive. Pointctrl already is pretty darn costly, and that fits the purpose for me just fine.

Yeah, and I’m wondering if it isn’t, in fact, the better choice…?

The indiegogo page states shipping May 2020. The sensoryx website states January 2020. :thinking: