VR games releases

Is it a good idea to have a VR games release thread?

This might appeal to @fearlessfrog and some others…


The dev does state it will be coming out on SteamVR eventually too…


I don’t know much about hockey, but that goalie seems to have permanently open legs…there must be a motion dynamic that squats him down and closes that gap when people are shooting on him. Or is the goalie strictly AI?

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This one caught me eye. Something that could only really be done in VR, so an interesting idea. The reviews seem to indicate it is a bit short though. I guess the same price as a movie though…

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Its trash.

Too bad steam nixed the VR Experience Strip Club, that actually showdd promise.

For those that play Subnautica (I haven’t found the time quite yet, but I hear it is fantastic) - this guy is making VR mods to improve VR playability:

  • Adds an option to enable VR animations under the General Tab in Options which allows the opening cinematic play and re-enables the fire in the pod. Animations for climbing ladders, entering and exiting habitats and vehicles also work as well.

  • Fixes the badly positioned player model. The Seaglide will no longer block your entire field of view, all tools are fully visible. For those that had a problem with the PDA being too close, it has now been moved further back, tilted and scaled up to improve visibility.

  • Subtitles were not visible before and have been shifted up so they are now visible in VR.

  • A slider has been added to adjust the walk speed in VR since the default VR walk speed was 60% of the normal walking speed.

  • The mouse cursor was originally invisible in VR and even when using the gaze based cursor, the alignment of the cursor was wrong. I made the cursor visible when using mouse and keyboard and not using the gaze based cursor option. Also fixed the cursor alignment issue on menus in the world like the scanner room and cyclops menus. Renaming beacons seem to work properly now as well, when using the mouse and keyboard.

  • Added an option in the General tab to disable the HUD unless you’re looking down to help with the issue of the HUD obstructing the PDA.

  • Fixed the issue where the position of sounds in the game would be in the wrong direction if you turned your head in real life instead of turning with the controller or mouse. Without the mod, if you heard a sound on your right side and turned your head in real life to look in the direction of the sound, you would continue hearing the sound on your right side when it should be heard from the front.

  • Makes the loading screen more comfortable to look at.


Air Museum VR

Explore the world`s first virtual reality-based aviation museum with tens of helicopters, aircraft and drones with 1:1 real-life-size accuracy. Designed by engineers with an aviation background, walk around the aircraft, climb up to the cockpits and experience the best-advanced jets in the world that have no chance to see in real life. From WWII planes to cutting-edge Stealth fighter jets we are covering more than 30 different airframe types including the AN-225 Mriya and F-35 Stealth Fighter Jet.


$20 is steep for something I can Do in DCS… lol.

You can do it in dcs for 20 bucks because you already own it but people who dont own it would cost hundreds to do this, plus all the faffing installing mods for the other aircraft that arent supported.
I think 20 dollars is a STEAL for this

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You dont need to own the module to place the Aircraft on the tarmac as a static unit with canopy open, and then walk around them and look inside…

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Oh, fair enough that was news to me :rofl:

plus I just watch the video closely, the Level of Detail on the models is hardly the same level as DCS or FS2020, Textures are over-glossy and pixelated, nothing is PBR Standard.

reviews echo those concerns, along with restrictive movements.

plus most of these models were purchased from TurboSquid, and just placed in an environment,

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I agree I find it expensive too.

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