VR! HellSplit Arena (Heads Up)

For all the possible fun to be had in VR, really AAA experiences are relatively few and far between. A new one is Hellsplit Arena, with incredible (and very gory) combat physics, character movement, sound and graphics.

Despite all it has going for it, this new game remains slightly obscure, but I suspect not for long!

Worth a look! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1039880/Hellsplit_Arena/

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It looks kinda cool but I think the movement will make me puke.

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This the problem with a lot of these vr games. Even at proper frame rates they still make me nauseous.

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Yeah I am very cautious of games that allow walking.

Sitting in some kind of vehicle (flight sims, driving) works way better.
Regular sitting or standing (“Bridge Crew”, “The Lab”, “Moss”, “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”) is OK as well but walking makes me nauseous in no time.

…which is a shame, the game looks great.
Maybe I can try it once I stop getting dizzy from flight sims and the like.

Haha I can’t drive in vr. Puke city.


That reminds me to try Dirt Rally in VR (I still don’t dare to).

I’m surprised so many people are still having discomfort with VR

Oh it is quite common… in fact I get nauseous if I scroll the Mudspike forum too fast. :nauseated_face: :wink:

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