VR Moto GP/TT style game

I need an Isle of Man TT VR game. I know there is a dirt bike VR game, but has anyone seen or tried a superbike VR game? Seems like its match made for VR. Brake and clutch handles for the triggers, grab and twist the throttle, maybe put the gear shift and rear brake on the controller buttons.


That would be fun. I wonder if there is the TT course for any of the driving sims? One of my clients runs their corp IT out of the Isle of Man.

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At some point in the next couple years, I’m going to make the trip out there to check it out. There is a couple 2D games that have the track, true VR experience here would be insane.

There’s one for Assetto Corsa here (VR). Grand Prix Legends also released one here (no VR sadly).

A video of the GPL track. Took the guy something like 14 years to make it.


Well there is this (no VR):

From the steam forums I found this but never tried it:

They claim to have VR support:


Yeah I saw the 2D version, just curious with all the VR car racing games there isnt a really good motorcycle version.

Never mind. I realized that the title is not VR compatible.

PLS leave it, I was about to check it out! :smiley:
Can you send that link me via DMs?

Here you go kome. It’s glorious, but I was heartbroken when I found out that it didn’t support VR. I posted my feelings in their Steam Community forum.

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Thanks man I appreciate it

PS: Holy ■■■■ I can see why you thought it was VR…

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I’m sure I tried a superbike game in VR - probably using VorpX or TriDef 3D - and found it severely disorientating. No nausea - it just was difficult to keep tabs on wth was going on all the time. Wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be.

IIRC I think my head/view was leaning with the bike, without the possibility of keeping the horizon level. Yeah - fun! But not if you like finishing! :crazy_face:

edit; I’m pretty sure it was MotoGP 2 and I got the files from the internet.

PPS - there are a few videos on YT showing guys playing MotoGP 21 & 22 in VR - didn’t check the details, though.

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What about this:? :laughing:

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just out of curiosity checked that vid from GP Legends and have a feeling that the track mod for AC looked exactly the same. I mean lower quality.

now wondering if it wasnt just a port from GPL :slight_smile:

but the driving there on the vid is insane.