VR News 2023

Well the thing I dont get is MS forces these updates on us how are we supposed to avoid it?

I know what can be done but to those that do not I guess they are just supposed to throw away perfectly good hardware. but what about the environment??

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The feature updates are not forced, you can stay on 23H2 if you need to. I am certainly not going to update to 24H2 on the current rig. Once I build a new PC I will also get a new VR Headset though at which point this won’t matter anymore. We’ll see what the future brings but I will probably keep my Reverb G2 and the current rig for another year or so.


Well it may not be forced persay but if you need the other updates they throw that update in there and I see no way besides disabling update to not get those updates…

I am hoping those who are making OpenXR will get the green light to get the source code for WMP and we can continue to use these headsets…

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That’s not how feature updates ever worked for me. They were always separate downloads that I had to manually download and install and 23H2 will receive security updates for another two years. I talked about it with a buddy of mine who also has a Reverb G2 and he’s still on 22H2 because he never did the update (he has automatic updates enabled as do I).

I installed 23H2 at the end of November btw., I checked when we talked about it.

If I had the money I’d just buy a Quest at this point… so annoying!

It’s not like memory or disk space is limited for anything running Win11 in the first place!

Sorry late to the party with VR. If I understand it correctly, Occulus link works by taking the rendered video from the GPU and sending it as data not video information to the headset (Quest 2 in my case). So you want the fastest data transfer you can get, so USB 3.X and a good cable. The headset then decodes and displays it. Do I have that right?

I’m not sure if it is data or compressed video, but I will say, don’t skimp on the cable. I purchased a $20 Link cable and it worked sometimes…but mostly not. I then bit the bullet and bought the official Link cable and it has been great.



What he said

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