VR News - WMR News 2019


Hard to know exactly how to organize these threads, but the original VR News thread is getting pretty long-ish. Perhaps we can go with a yearly thread for the different types (Rift / WMR / Other) or something?

Anyway - upcoming WMR release has some nice fixes and improvements according to a rep on Reddit:

Hi everyone. Here is a small compilation of the upcoming changes for WMR. Hopefully it will help some of you to decide if you should update Windows 10 when the latest version will be released, or if you think of jumping in the Insiders boat. Let me know if you have questions.

  • They are now semi-transparents, but it’s still impossible to customize them
  • If the headset do not recognize the boundaries, it will go directly to the Cliff House without asking to choose between seating or standing experience. However, the headset still display a warning, but only once.


  • The whole menu is now accessible from anywhere, including running games/apps.
  • SteamVR and Home are now rectangle buttons attached to the side and bottom of the main menu, from inside SteamVR.
  • Menu was redesigned and is not an awful-purple-pseudo-3d-mess anymore. It resemble the current one, but in more compact.
  • They put the room setup as a pinned app in the menu, making it much easier and quicker to access. Unfortunately, starting the room adjustment from running game/app will take you of it and bring you back in the Cliff House once you’re done.

​Classic App Beta

  • It is now running very smoothly and apps can run from inside other games/apps and stay open without causing crash. When you resume the main game/app, the added windows are going to sleep mode.
  • Only apps installed on the C drive will appear on the list. I guess it might be possible to link any apps by putting them in the program file folder of Windows 10, I’ll let you know after trying it*

*Edit: Just done the test and you can run any .exe just by placing a shortcut in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs


  • Flashlights are much more responsive than before. They used to lag on my laptop, but they now appear instantly.

​Follow me button

  • There is a follow me button on the upper corner of the floating windows. If you click it, the window will resize itself and follow you around.


  • It is now an option in the headset display section. You can choose between manually switching or by using the presence sensor on the headset. Haven’t noticed any differences with the old version.


  • Seems much smoother than before. I experience less lags on my low end laptop, but it might be due to other changes made to Windows.

​New environnement

  • Just kidding, there is none!

An interesting back and forth interview when MRTV and VR365 online personalities get together to talk about Rift S, Quest, and HP Reverb… And I swear, the MRTV guy looks like my brother…


Looks like WMR for SteamVR (beta) has updated:

  • Improvements to GPU frame time and GPU memory utilization

  • Improve the motion vector “auto” thresholds based on user feedback

  • Remove the renderTargetScale setting. On Windows 1903 and later, app buffers are dynamically sized based on what the running app needs. On Windows 1809 and earlier, the maximum value possible on those operating systems is used.

  • Motion reprojection indicator display bug fix for applications that used aspect ratios different than the HMD

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I haven’t had a chance to test this…and I wonder if it would actually be noticeable:

“…it has been suggested to turn the “Visual quality” to “Low” in the Mixed Reality Portal “Headset display” settings as it reduces the amount of resources dedicated to the Cliff House, and can improve the performance of games.”

Will test this when I can…

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