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A look at how the vive renders its environment, dubbed the 'tron-mode’


Don’t think there will be any problems tracking keyboard here

VR again


But I wonder… If I have those sticks in my hands, how am I supposed to grab the HOTAS?
Or is there a solution for that already? Perhaps mounting those things on gloves or something…


Don’t think those are necessary. I actually had the opportunity to test the Vive yesterday. It felt really natural to get into and use. Only problem I had at first was depth perception. But I adjusted quickly. Demo I tried was chopping up fruit with a katana sword. Unfortunately it was an older test version, didn’t have the sensors.


Vive mini-review, plus some news that local (UK, Canada etc) pricing is ‘really really soon’.


Tron mode in action


Level Editing


The Level Editing vid reminded me of this (very good) recent PA article:


In terms of interaction, it’s going to be a whole new ball game…


more tron mode vid


Been catching up with young dudes on VR once more, hardly anyone of them thinks to test even a basic Flight sim, but we have what we have :smile:

I dont want to do what these overweight dude plonkers do, but they do demonstrate where VR is going somewhat I suppose.


And in fairness


“Someone coming up to give you a hug might be one of the most unusual feelings ever…”

That’s what I was thinking. Gawd…if you are playing some creepy game in VR and someone comes in your room and taps you on the shoulder…LOL…


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I merged, mainly because we never do that and I wanted to see if it would work. :smile:


The Vive, looks very impressive, but I am still going to stick with the Rift. From what I have read, the Rift gives a slightly sharper image while the Vive has a slightly taller FOV. For playing DCS I think a sharper image is going to be worthwhile as it will make instrumentation a little easier to read. Room scale really isn’t a huge deal to me as the games I am interested in playing usually involve being sat in a cockpit of one kind or another. I should get my new PC and Rift towards the end of April. I guess I had better take May off work :wink: .


Thanks. Better this way. So much better to have everything in one thread, instead of having to go through multiple threads :smile:


Ocoulus Canyon run - Elite: Dangerous


Nice update from @wagmatt regarding VR and DCS. Exciting times…


New VR-headset from AMD


Interesting. You wear the PC on your head, so no tether. Weight issues I’d guess?


I’ll hold off comments until I see something more solid on it