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Right! Panel within the panel… Amazing that it works.

Here is some explanation about the displays.


for anyone within EU there is time limited deal on Pimax Artisan headset

…and yes I did it! I hit that ‘buy’ button finally (added the KDMAS audio strap also) :slight_smile:


Although Norway not in the EU (@Troll , see what you can do to fix that.) I’d be very interested in seeing your comments on this. My Rift-S is on its way to becoming a very expensive guacamole bowl (those who have been around for a while, will get it) due to “Must have FB account” which I don’t want anymore.

This looks pretty nice. :slightly_smiling_face:


Whaddayamean? We’re connected via the EEC deal, which means we get all the issues, but no benefits, of the EU… :wink:


I’ve been shopping here, and can recommend them.
Looking at that 8KX… :vr:

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pls see the dedicated thread for my experience

in case of any spec question pls feel free to ask in there as there are tiny little different aspects which are of interest to each individual.

Dig the inbuilt handtracking and everything else

I like the title of the video vis-a-vis the fact that while testing the MSFS, the central ‘human-eye-res’ displays were not running on full res and instead were just acting as a part of the overal 2.8k x 2.8k displays (which is also not bad of course but far from human eye res) :laughing:

Varjo VR3 does look fantastic but the price tag also :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

how about the Pimax 8KX ? still great res and this guy also seems to be happy with the performance with older GPU. he didnt mention it but from other videos the big sweet spot seems to be also convincing ( … I am just trying to help a little @troll to decide :wink: )

the sweet spot talk here

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I have no idea what the Pimax 8KX is and I’m too lazy to spec it out. @fearlessfrog usually jumps in and offers up charts and graphs comparing the different headsets!!! :slight_smile:

PImax 8KX , almost reverb 2 pixel density, but wide (169degree horizontal fov) and great sweet spot.

I was ex pimax 5k+ owener but now reverb 2 because KX is too much euros / dollars :confused:

I really miss that FOV , reverb is like binoculars.

Oh, and DCS and Pimax 8kx needs least 3090 to fps get even usable. (My friend has pimax 8kx and even after 3090 and lots of tuning he still says its need more power :smiley: )

we were always talking about the next gen of VR and from what I have seen 8KX is the last gen of VR and there is nothing really comparable to it on the market yet ( res, fov, sweet spot ).

the price is steep but it is not out of this world imo like the Varjo VR3 is. One will pay the same for e.g. controller setup from top manufacturers like TM / VKB / VPC / WW, etc.

the guy in first video of my previous post is talking about good performance with 2080Ti, but ymmv as all pc’s are special beasts of its own kind.

The problem really is GPU power. We’ve already discussed the rabbit hole of tuning VR.
Driving resolution up will make the problem even worse. Current GPU’s just barely cope with the latest headsets.

its a shame as I would expect atp RTX30X0 series cards will handle 8K res no prob :slight_smile:

on the other hand VR FS GUY is powering the 8KX with these specs I9 10900K (Running stock), ASUS OC TUF RTX 3090,16GB RAM and he was not complaining about the performance.

I am not saying that 4K per panel (or higher) is the way to go for VR but we can always down scale the res while keeping the great pixel density. this is possible with G2 and I guess the same is possible with 8KX. we will loose the clarity a bit but the pixel density, fov and big sweet spot will be still there.

and after testing a little the Artisan (and from my short experience with G1 where my one eye or the other was always out of the sweet spot - small sweet spot and no physical IPD) I would say that I will, first of all wants a bigger sweet spot on my HS (you know that ‘edge to edge clarity’). Next is the pixel density and FOV, last the res. but oc these personal preferences are strictly individual and it is the other way around for someone else.

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I may go to Artisan Btw, price is good and i get rid of narrow fov from my reverb 2.

I still plan to keep reverb 2 for other games and for just in case that i miss rez too much.

Now i have to go danger zone and tell this to my wife :stuck_out_tongue:

then just be awere, maybe you are well aware, that the pixel density on Artisan is not that big and thats why the SDE is noticeable. cant compare it to other HS but there are some good videos from MRTV where Sebastian is comparing Artisan to other HS


edit : one note to the kdmas cable management mentioned in that video. thats applicable for older HS, newer HS has one 3.5 connection points on each side of the HS and each earphone has its individual 3.5 jack. so no cables around the mask. I will make a picture of it later this week.

and I am also already down the rabbit hole, ordered second base station just to rule out any issues with the single base station or the HS :slight_smile:

I know. KX would be nice but crazy prized (need base station etc…)

Artisan is bit beter than my ex 5k+ what comes to PD

Just wait (if?) when finally DCS will not be single core anymore…


Only problem is that im now 40, don’t like to wait until im 50-60 years old and dcs is all multicore vulkan :stuck_out_tongue:

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I started to use Process Lasso utility for

Real-Time CPU Optimization and Automation

but VULKAN would be nice for sure

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