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It’s never going to hit that pylon, is it.


It does…right at the end…just wait for it…


Still waiting…

Still waiting…

Like that MiG21 article I was working on…

Still waiting…

There it is!

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It is?

Damn I missed it, maybe I blinked at the wrong moment?

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So I unboxed and hooked up my Touch Controllers today - gotta admit…as wow as the initial Oculus moment was when I first bought the headset…I was about as equally impressed with the combo of headset and Touch. It really is very, very impressive technology.

I’m running a two sensor setup - but I have a pretty limited play area - probably right at the minimum of what you should have. About 4’ x 6’ unless I do some room rearranging (I have an L shaped desk and I sit in the crotch of the L).

Quick question - I’m assuming that my standing position for the two sensors must be readjusted for seated VR (flight simming) - is there a fast and easy way to do this with pre-positioned places for the sensors? Or do I have to go through the configuration process whenever I switch between the two modes? Ideally, it’d be nice to have a third sensor that was exclusive to simming (is that possible?)…

The First Contact Demo (which I haven’t “finished”) is simply awesome. I brought my son over and he was having a blast with all the 3D printer objects. It is fantastic.

I have a few games that are Touch enabled…not sure what is in my library…but I’ll give some of them a whirl tonight. Any suggestions on ones that are particularly good? Also - has anyone given The Golf Club VR a try yet? I’d be curious how that is before I plunk down money for that one.

Fun stuff though…really fun…


For Oculus I just have the two sensors as far back as possible and keep them there, they have a pretty good FOV. I don’t need to re-adjust for sitting down with DCS etc. I have a USB extension on one of them, although the default leads are pretty good.The ideal position is something like this:

[1]                                    [2]


For ‘best of touch intro’s’ I’d recommend:

  • RoboRecall. Excellent shooter.

  • Valve - The Lab. Archery is great, but a really nice overview of roomscale.

  • Mission ISS. Not so much amazing for touch, but just a really nice experience given the subject matter :rocket: .

All of those are free and a great intro.

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Do you have to tilt them down when seated though? Because mine would be pointing too high I think. Maybe I’m thinking I’m too close to my actual screen though…I suppose I can back up further.

I don’t change them. They have a deceptively wide field of view (lensed I think) and the further back you can put them the better.

I tend to use ‘reset position’ on starting up playing any game anyway, the ‘Oculus Button’ quick access to that is on the right controller (called Universal Menu sometimes). You don’t need to re-run set-up.

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Plus if you’re trying out touch stuff I also recommend this:

It’s not released for the Oculus Rift, but that’s just Google being pouty with Facebook, so you can get around it just by dropping in these files into the Google Earth folder (it fakes being a vive just for that app):


Ah…yes, I’ve ordered a few 10’ USB extension cables (that reviews say work with the Rift and Touch) so that I can move my sensors a bit further out. I doubt I’ll need a third for the type of stuff I’ll play…but it remains an option…

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I was wondering about this - I should have just installed Oculus to another drive…

“Oculus Home doesn’t have a built-in option to change where your games are saved, so you must take matters into your own hands. The process will only take about five minutes, and you’ll be much less worried about storage space when complete.”

Kai is loving this stuff…!


As @fearlessfrog said, mine are basically set and forget with perhaps a minor tweak every now and then, probably because they were bumped by desktop subterfuge.

I hope that Kai knows how lucky he is to have a daddy whom enjoys cool toys :slight_smile:

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Well…Daddy is lucky to have a boy that I can buy cool toys. I mean…c’mon…without a six year old…would I have been able to buy and play with this for Christmas?


Well said. My oldest is probably a couple of years from VR and flight simming, but I was pretty happy when they slowed down enough to watch the last Space X to ISS resupply mission launch.

I’m already wondering how I’m gonna be able to set up my house and home network to allow both of us to play in VR together. :thinking:

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We played home network four player Left 4 Dead 2 all the way through the main campaign a few years back, my teen kids would occasionally even save the poor slow parents :slight_smile:

Make the most of it @BeachAV8R, it comes and goes really quickly.

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Just played some Raptor Valley - which is more a VR demo type game…I think I picked it up a few months ago for 80% off on a Steam sale, but couldn’t really use it because of the lack of touch controllers (I think). Anyway - just spending 15 minutes playing it was pretty fun (but it gets boring fairly quick)…but it is a great demonstrator of using the Touch as a flashlight…I was really amazed at how intuitive that is. Actually, the whole Touch thing is pretty damned impressive and fun. I haven’t bought any shooting games…but I can tell I’m going to enjoy them.

The sacrifices we do for our kids… :blush:


RoboRecall is it and free.

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