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I’m glad to see that VR is still on someone’s radar screen, but I fear that without pupil tracking that it will need a massive GPU in order to have useable FPS.



It would be like a pixel density of 3, on the Rift…
I guess the resolution can be scaled down?

Anyway, good thing someone is still developing VR headsets for PC.

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I would hope that by the time a headset like that hit the market we’d be looking at another generation of GPU’s to further push the frames. Now whether or not I’ll need a 2nd mortgage on the house to be able to purchase one of the new GPU’s remains to be seen. (Although if the 2000 series of cards from Nvidia are any indication, I probably will sadly enough.)



For gaming, yes, but keep in mind that the WMR headsets also aim have some serious productivity potential. I get the impression this first wave of headsets are really just ‘pump priming’ for a major push towards true augmented reality (ie Consumer affordable holo-lens) within the next generation or two.

And as a data analyst by trade, I see the future of ‘screen heavy’ PC work (I work on two screens in addition to my laptop screen) professions as being in VR/AR, where the number of screens is essentially unlimited, and I can easily carry my entire ‘desk’ with me.

Still, what we really need IMO is to kick these garbage Fresnel lenses to the curb. In the future, I’m betting the horrible chromatic aberration and narrow ‘sweet spot’ of current VR headsets will do more to date them than raw resolution or FOV.



I have seen the future and I need to go rob a bank.

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If you had a VR headset and some hand controllers you could practice…



The OG Odyssey (not the + with the anti-SDE screens) is on sale right now for $250… I don’t know anything about the OG (Original) Odyssey, but that is a pretty good price for what is reported to be a good HMD. Of course, I might wait and see if the O+ comes down…but it is always a waiting game for tech.

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This is a great deal IMO. I’ve gone back to this model and prefer it over the + and Rift.



Someday maybe, for that money, also in this part of the world :eu:



Yeah… I was salivating so hard when I opened that link…



The VR Covers came in from Amazon. I got the Velour ones. I will make this short. Absolutely dont waste your cash. Put them on and the lenses were touching my face! The padding is too thin. Took them off and put them back on… NOPE!!! Next stop, Trash Can. 30 dollars i will never see again.



Wow…that’s interesting. I have the fake leather ones for the O+ and they are perfect. And I even have WidmoVR lenses in mine, and my face isn’t close at all.



And thats why i found it so strange that i had the opsite experience with the Velour ones.



I was under the impression that the O+ ones only came in the fake leather? I could be wrong about that… Since they are Amazon, you can return them correct? I ordered mine directly from the manufacturer. Do you think they could be Chinese knock-offs or are they sold under the VR Covers site on Amazon.



Oh no buddy! You already popped those trial balloons when everybody began switching to the O+. Yer on yer own, sir!

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Touchè! :laughing:



We are nearing good resolutions it seems.
Can’t wait to see what we may get at the end of the year.
EDIT: also if someone from Samsung reads this: Release the O+ in Europe already, what the heck are you waiting for???!!



Being the Chairman of Hampton’s Clean City Commission, I get the Waste Management 360 email news letter…yep it is one of the perks of the job! :roll_eyes:

Anyway, this morning I was reviewing the video " WasteExpo 2018: The Future Is Here", showcasing Waste Expo 2018- think of E3 but with more trashcans…except you can’t use them because they are part of the exhibits.

The scene at 2:39 caught my eye. Appears to be VR for some type of land fill management vehicle…otherwise known as a bulldozer.

It’s VR and its in the News!

Don’t forget to recycle.



Crazy experiment here. This guy is spending an entire week in VR.



And a live feed! OK, so watching him do some meditation wasn’t all that exciting but…very cool.