VR SoundStage - Now Free

The author got a job at Google (I guess to do something similar) so will pull the paid for release from Steam but now offers a free download. Here was the Steam store entry explaining how it works:

It works really nicely. The samples library is good, the sequencer pretty nice, and the chaining up of equipment works well. The 808 drum machine plus building a huge drum kit is great fun. Just hit the ‘?’ icon on the various bits of equipment to learn.

To install it just download the entire source from here:

GitHub - googlearchive/soundstagevr


  1. Download this: https://github.com/googlearchive/soundstagevr/archive/master.zip

  2. You don’t need the source code etc. so in winzip just extract the contents of the soundstagevr-master / bin folder somewhere, i.e. x:/games/soundstagevr

  3. You should now have an unzipped ‘main.exe’ and 3 subfolders. Hit ‘main.exe’ to play.

Tips: Check out the Xylopiano and Samples tools first plus do press the ‘?’ to see the tutorial videos per object.