VSkyLabs Aeropro EuroFOX

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We take a look at the intriguing VSkyLabs EuroFOX light-sport aircraft (LSA) for X-Plane 10/11… Simply beautiful The EuroFOX for X-Plane is modeled after the real aircraft manufactured by Aeropro of Slovakia and marketed by Aerotrek in North America. Sold in both kit and factory complete form, the “EuroFOX” comes in several variants including taildragger,…


Some of those panel shots look photo realistic - wow! Nice lighting.

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Received an e-mail from VSkyLabs today with some plans for the future:

The VSKYLABS Tecnam P2006T Project:

During the past weeks, I’ve been focusing mainly on bringing the new VSKYLABS Tecnam P2006T Project to it’s initial stable point towards its release. The P2006T will be released within couple of hours. As the rest of my projects, the ‘Initial release version’ will start the journey of the long-term development phase.

VSKYLABS Packages update plan report:

During the months of May, June 2017, I’ll be focusing on executing major update releases for the VSKYLABS Trikes, Autogyro, EuroFOX and Phoenix motor glider packages. Updates will include aircraft performance tuning, cockpit enhancements, 3D modeling and internal engineering refinements. Other VSKYLABS packages are also to be updated, but only after these Four packages updates will be completed.

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Wonderful article. Gonna buy this AC right away!

Do have a question though…

What scenery was showcased with this Aircraft? I really like that grass runway scenery!

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That was the fantastic Lufker-Spadaro (1N2) airport by Nimbus…it really is fantastically detailed…



Awesome! Thank you for getting back to me!!