VSKYLABS Robinson R44 Raven II


VSKYLABS are popping out about one new machine per month. And of the three I own (C-47, mini-500 and R66), it’s always the same user in the dot org forum providing support. The quality has been high in my experience despite what seems to be a small team spread out over a bunch of products. I think I’ll pass on the R44. My stable of small helos is big enough already.

It looks great, but like Eric, I have a pretty full stable of light helicopters. I have most of the VSkyLabs fleet and they are all excellent. I’d like to see them do another project like the DC3. Something that could be flown long(ish) distances, such as the C46, a Lockheed Electra maybe… or the ‘Spirit of St. Louis’ Ryan monoplane. How about a De Havilland DH88 Comet Racer?


Pan am clipper would be nice.

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Now we’re talking! There is a Boeing 314 project in the works, but it’s a one man show and I have no idea when it will be ready for release. It’s looking good so far though!

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Oooh ill be keeping my eye on that one :wink:

As I skipped all their ultra-light helos I have some space in my virtual hangar. Will be definitelly getting this 44.

Talking about VSL current heading I am quite nicely surprised. They just decided to develop some ‘x-planes for X-Plane’.
He-162 released, F-19 in works and now this, lol :+1:

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The He162 is quite fun to fly. You have to baby the engine or suffer the consequences!

I’d really like a series of X-Planes. The X1 through to the X-15 would be must have purchases for me.

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I guess you mean L-188 Electra. That would be nice.

Because as a direct competition for DC-3 we have Lockheed Lodestar for XP from other developer available.

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I have the Lodestar, and like it a lot. But I meant the old Electra, which came before the Lodestar. The aircraft that Amelia Earhart flew on her fateful round the world trek.

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