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Experience the pressure of providing on-demand close-air-support within your assigned “Kill Box” in the awesome F/A-26B. VTOL VR As most people are aware by now, I’m a huge fan of VTOL VR – a VR exclusive combat flight simulation/game that provides an excellent mix of gameplay and realism with an emphasis on operating the aircraft…


That was an outstanding video!

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Nice article! I really need to get into VTOL VR but my setup is a little restricted … and I have too much to choose from when it comes to game time :slight_smile:

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So with respect to the mission editor, is it easily accessible and straight forward to use? Can any player make missions with the editor?

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I’m not real qualified to comment - but from what I’ve seen on the VTOL Discord channel the editor seems pretty user friendly. Of course, half of any of that is just getting to know what it can do by using it, so I’m sure there is a bit of a learning curve. Any player can make missions, and from what I understand, once you launch VTOL VR in VR mode, you can then open the editor and work with it on your monitor…so that part doesn’t have to happen in VR mode. You can also make your own maps using height map data and stuff (not sure how all that works) and painting tools to make roads, cities, stuff like that.

At this point, with the three vehicles that exist, I’d really love to see the developer focus on multiplayer and adding things like sling loading for the AV-42C, and objects to carry, enemy units, friendly units, and just providing more weapons and objects to populate the VTOL VR missions with.

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That is very good. Allows the user/player to then be creative with all kinds of scenarios as well as the replay-ability factor of the simulation itself. As a commentator mentioned on MudSpike’s YouTube channel, this is a deeper simulation than originally thought.

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I wonder if there is any possibility of a dynamic campaign type engine being written using the mission editor. I know nothing of these things, or how the campaign editor works, but I’ve seen some of the cool things that people have done with DCS World with regards to persistent campaigns and I always wonder what is possible.

The problem for dynamic campaigns is that you need to have code understand what happened in a mission and then adapt to that and create a new mission. It is complex. In DCS, LUA scripts can react to a somewhat limited set of items and adapt a follow on mission to fit the designers criteria (ie: customize a second mission to incorporate elements of the first) but this is scripted dynamic coupled with a little randomization. Not sure about VTOL VR but if it has a scripting API, then that can be replicated with some level of success. Byt dynamic usually requires a lot more ‘strategic’ and ‘tactical’ mission development which is harder.


I still hold up Enemy Engaged as a pretty darn good dynamic mission generator that had a great feeling of involving the player. Yes, it had some limitations (mostly with regards to the ground war movement…or lack thereof)…but I still love that you could interdict supplies, do recons, insertions…etc… Good stuff.

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Just read your article and watched the vid. Awesome! Akin to Kerbal space program for flight sims.
I didn’t follow the link, but can a non-VR user enjoy this sim? Looks like a lot of fun.

Came away with the same impression. It has potential for sure.

Not that I know of - it is pretty much built around VR functionality.

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