You can toggle, just tap the grip rather than hold it.


Outstanding, don’t you just love it when you ask for a feature and then find out it has not only been thought about, but already implemented. Thanks for the info!


This video is cool…in that…you can actually see the dude sitting in the cockpit, turning to the camera, and gesturing as if it were the most natural thing in the world. It is weirdly fascinating


My goodness, something else to buy! THANKS RIX! hahahahahaha
I don’t have hand controllers, so I get out of this… Don’t make me do it…

Seriously, it looks fun.


Always cracks me up when someone says “Go ahead and wait…” :laughing:


Ok, so I just bought it.

Glutton for punishment.


LOL…me too. Bought it last night. Haven’t had a chance to fire it up.


Yep, I’ll pick it up then. Sigh… :wink:


Too bad it doesn’t have multiplayer (yet)…we could all learn it together…could be disastrous…!


Fixed Imelda for ya’…



Updated today:



So I’ve been messing around with this and I’m quite impressed.

The systems aren’t that deep but there are some choices to make on targeting, weapons release and tactics.

The flight model is slowly being tweaked and the (one man) development team seems to be pushing forward with a plan for carrier ops, a fighter air frame and different flying conditions. Also, @near_blind there’s an in cockpit MP3 Player so you can play tunes.

I’ve probably spent more time tinkering with this than I have on anything else in VR, not bad for 19 of her Majesty’s Pounds.


Wow - this is fun…! Finally (!) had a chance to boot this up this morning. Man, it is so cool to enter a sim where you have zero idea of how to fly it or what to do - it really brings back memories of learning a new sim and all with the coolness of VR. Is it just me…or is the training and tutorial section really light? (Like two missions?) - or am I supposed to start the campaign to go through some sort of tutorial?


It is very neat. The controls work really well too.
The campaign eases you into it. The systems, and weapons are pretty straight forward, so you will have no problems figuring it all out.


Rudder pedal support has been added…!


Looks like another vehicle is going to be added…



Cool new plane…


Man, I’m having fun with this sim. At this point (which it has evolved since it was released in the Fall of 2017), it would have been my choice for Game/Sim of the Year for 2017. It is an incredible mix of innovation (VR), gameplay, fidelity, and simple graphics. I’m on the third mission of the campaign and so far I’m pretty impressed.


I haven’t played it in quite awhile now. From that shot it looks like there have been some major steps forward. I’ll have to give it another try!


I had my first real air-to-air engagement. It was quick, violent, and I got my clock cleaned…!