Something new. The main unique selling point is the touch controls are mandatory, as in you grip and fly a virtual HOTAS. Quite tricky to fly apparently.


I just picked this one up and did a quick flight with it. The controls are much like those in Ultra-Wings. I was able to get the aircraft started and take her up for a quick spin around the carrier. It is not a full blown sim, but the startup sequence is pretty cool… Brakes on, Battery on, APU on, then the engines. You have a tail hook, catapult hook, landing gear, three MFD’s , Autopilot and a HUD that you can adjust, and nozzle angle (well, more like engine angle I guess). For the actual flying I would prefer to use my Warthog but there is no denying the fun of manipulating the switches, knobs and buttons with the hand controllers. Weapons training is next I think .:sunglasses:


Think I’ll wait a little on this - will go on my wishlist.

Saw that being advertised a couple months ago…just teaser videos…definitely gonna check it out.

It’s fun, but maybe a little over priced at this point, so waiting might not be a bad idea. Still, if you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket, you could do worse than buying this. It is a step up from Ultra-Wings in complexity. You can land on a carrier with it. Maybe something to practice carrier traps with while we are waiting for DCS Hornet :wink:

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I might wait until it gets out of Early Access.

I like the direction these developers are going.Thanks for sharing the info.

I forgot to mention my favorite cockpit control… the ejection handle! :sunglasses:


That’s cool. Gonna wishlist.

So, a bit more time with the game and I am really liking it. The game needs fleshing out, but what is in there already is very well implemented. There is a nice selection of A2G and A2A weaponary. There is a tanker for in flight refueling.

Missions include transportation, SAR, A2G and A2A. The craft itself is a bit of a handful at first, but I am starting to get a feel for it now.

I am looking forward to seeing how this one develops.

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Stop it! You’re gonna force my credit card into action! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have a reputation to uphold… :wink:

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Is that a bobble-head Kerbin on the glareshield? I will pass for now. Looks fun though.

That would be a great mod! The Bobblehead is a pilot in full flight gear. It is a neat touch that shows the devs don’t take themselves or their game too seriously.

I found the promotional video by the dev on YouTube and he is marketing it as “A Combat Sim for the HTC Vive”.

Just lost interest.

Well, take a look at this video by DevilDog Gamer first. It gives a good taste of what the game is like…

Warning, there is some “colorful” language, but the video itself is good.

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Another good video here - kind hard for me to resist this at this point… LOL…

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Thanks for posting these videos, it looks really good and it is hard to resist, my only concerns is the controls, I haven’t used the touch controllers very much because most of the stuff I play in VR I use HOTAS or XB1 controller. Will poke around to see what the feedback is on those.

The controls work well, although not as good as having a proper HOTAS in your hands. But to counter that, having a virtual stick and throttle makes the manipulation of all the switchs, levers and knobs seem very natural. The only issue I have had comes from inadvertantly letting go of the controls. You have to keep the grip button pressed while holding the throttle and stick. This is natural enough, but I think I would prefer a toggle action (which could use the same buttons).

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