Something new. The main unique selling point is the touch controls are mandatory, as in you grip and fly a virtual HOTAS. Quite tricky to fly apparently.


I just picked this one up and did a quick flight with it. The controls are much like those in Ultra-Wings. I was able to get the aircraft started and take her up for a quick spin around the carrier. It is not a full blown sim, but the startup sequence is pretty cool… Brakes on, Battery on, APU on, then the engines. You have a tail hook, catapult hook, landing gear, three MFD’s , Autopilot and a HUD that you can adjust, and nozzle angle (well, more like engine angle I guess). For the actual flying I would prefer to use my Warthog but there is no denying the fun of manipulating the switches, knobs and buttons with the hand controllers. Weapons training is next I think .:sunglasses:


Think I’ll wait a little on this - will go on my wishlist.


Saw that being advertised a couple months ago…just teaser videos…definitely gonna check it out.


It’s fun, but maybe a little over priced at this point, so waiting might not be a bad idea. Still, if you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket, you could do worse than buying this. It is a step up from Ultra-Wings in complexity. You can land on a carrier with it. Maybe something to practice carrier traps with while we are waiting for DCS Hornet :wink:


I might wait until it gets out of Early Access.


I like the direction these developers are going.Thanks for sharing the info.


I forgot to mention my favorite cockpit control… the ejection handle! :sunglasses:


That’s cool. Gonna wishlist.


So, a bit more time with the game and I am really liking it. The game needs fleshing out, but what is in there already is very well implemented. There is a nice selection of A2G and A2A weaponary. There is a tanker for in flight refueling.

Missions include transportation, SAR, A2G and A2A. The craft itself is a bit of a handful at first, but I am starting to get a feel for it now.

I am looking forward to seeing how this one develops.


Stop it! You’re gonna force my credit card into action! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a reputation to uphold… :wink:


Is that a bobble-head Kerbin on the glareshield? I will pass for now. Looks fun though.


That would be a great mod! The Bobblehead is a pilot in full flight gear. It is a neat touch that shows the devs don’t take themselves or their game too seriously.


I found the promotional video by the dev on YouTube and he is marketing it as “A Combat Sim for the HTC Vive”.

Just lost interest.


Well, take a look at this video by DevilDog Gamer first. It gives a good taste of what the game is like…

Warning, there is some “colorful” language, but the video itself is good.


Another good video here - kind hard for me to resist this at this point… LOL…


Thanks for posting these videos, it looks really good and it is hard to resist, my only concerns is the controls, I haven’t used the touch controllers very much because most of the stuff I play in VR I use HOTAS or XB1 controller. Will poke around to see what the feedback is on those.


The controls work well, although not as good as having a proper HOTAS in your hands. But to counter that, having a virtual stick and throttle makes the manipulation of all the switchs, levers and knobs seem very natural. The only issue I have had comes from inadvertantly letting go of the controls. You have to keep the grip button pressed while holding the throttle and stick. This is natural enough, but I think I would prefer a toggle action (which could use the same buttons).