Cmdr. Zod posted his Twitch stream of beating Mission #7. I have not watched the video…hoping to preserve my Mission #7 virginity…lol…but for those that are puzzling over how to beat it:


VTOL VR is 25% off on Steam at the moment (thanks to Linebacker for sending me the e-mail referencing this…):


That’s my cue…


Really wish we could give it a whirl in MP…!

And a quick tip. When you first start learning the controls - take the time to adjust the throttle and stick positions so that your arms are resting on your chair armrests (I can’t remember if your pit has that though…) - it will make the hand movements feel easier and you won’t get fatigued leaving your arms hovering in the air. Also - and this might become obvious quickly, you can sort of double click with your hand control to hold and grip without having to constantly squeeze the finger control to hold the controls. You get used to that sorta quickly. And finally, there is an on HUD indicator of your control position - I find that particularly useful for determining if I’m accidentally inputing yaw control. You can use hardware pedals in the sim if you select it in the options…but I prefer to use the handcontrollers just because of my desk/seated position in VR…


You might also want to bookmark this page - it has most of the user created missions and tends to get updated as missions are updated or created:


What a pleasant experience!
Incredibly cool VR sim. :vr: :+1:


v0.0.11p9 is now available on the public_testing branch!

    - Clear cluster bomb submunitions when restarting mission
    - Fix missing objectives when restarting mission
    - Fixed spectator camera not resetting when restarting mission
    - Fixed hardware input bindings not loading when launching editor from intro scene
Map Editor
    - Early version of new road tool


I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything…but I nominated VTOL VR for VR Game of the Year on Steam. If someone else nominates it, that will make a whole two of us that did… :wink:


Same here! Don’t play VR but I’ve been impressed by VTOL VR and what they’ve done with it.


I am right along with you but I can’t figure out how to vote with the phone app. I’ll pull the lever when I get home.


From the developer:

“I’ve started a bit of experimental work on a feature for the mission editor called “Conditionals” where you will be able to set up a sort of logic graph to trigger events or objective states. This should allow for some more complex scenarios. For example, “If player completed objective A and enemy unit B is still alive, then trigger Event C”. If this gives you any ideas on some specific use case that I could add in, or you tried to create some conditional event before but couldn’t without this feature, please shoot me a PM or post in #vtolvrdev . Thanks! Here’s how the mission editor conditional system looks so far. In this case I’m editing the success condition for a mission objective.”


Cheers to that!


If we chant “multi-player, multi-player, multi-player”…ya’ think it might happen? I’d give the guy $100 tomorrow if it would help get us there.


Love watching other people play VTOL VR too…