Wacht am Rhein

At least Germans pronounce all consonants, which makes it a bit easier to learn than those languages which do not, IMO.

Or if you are conversing with another person in a foreign language, and that language is not native to the other party as well. I find this especially true with taxi drivers. It’s as if you’ve both decided that the baby talk, sign language, and grunts being used sound very sophisticated to both parties. High fives all the way around :smiley:

I came across this today: https://youtu.be/eMuw_BsfmV4

The house in Büderich that’s mentioned in the Video is the aforementioned Hotel/Restaurant “Wacht am Rhein”

I wonder when Churchill stepped aboard the landing craft did the boatswain pipe him aboard, “Great Britain arriving.”


78 years ago now.



PM has an equivelent military rank. Honours carried out accordingly. (As do most civil servants and all elected officials above a certain level).