Walkie-talkie / two-way radio

Yes, I’m old and I still really appreciate this form of communication because radio discipline …

It’s free and works on Android/iPhone/Windows. You can literally just push the “button” and start talking to people anywhere in the world with it.

My wife had no trouble responding to “Hey babe, you got a copy?”. She was like, “Can you hear me?”. I was like, “Solid copy”.


I’m more into Navy lingo…

Wife - “While you are out, can you pick up some milk?”
Me - “Pick up milk, Aye.”

(Yeah…I really do that…sigh)


Ah, the good old days of radio “discipline”.

“1 this is 2 radio check”
“Say again your last, coming in broken and stupid/slow/other NSFW insults”

And then come back with

“Roger, got you loud and queer”


Me and the wife used to use this when I was in the man cave! Great fun but it sort of fell out of use with whatsapp

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I LOL’ed at that. Your fellow Marines sound like a bunch of dicks. :smiley: JK JK

Listen to how polite these guys are …

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