Wanted: Tips for Removing Unwanted Liveries

Sooooo, I have this problem. Sometimes I get like Gollum and desire shiny things. I’ve installed several liveries and realize I may never use most of them. Now, my quest is to tidy things up in my DCS folder by uninstalling them. The problem is I don’t know of an easy way to go through the liveries to remove the ones I don’t want.

I’ll take any tips the community can provide.



What I would do is… Easy, but does take a bit of work.

All my custom liveries reside in a folder that shows as the name of the “PAINT SCHEME” dropdown in the payload tab of the mission editor for that particular aircraft.

e.g. For Apache, “1st Avn Regt Australian Army” is an available selection in the dropdown and that matches C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\AH-64D_BLK_II\1st Avn Regt Australian Army

I’m assuming that you have saved your liveries in the aircraft folders in DCS instead? But looking at what they are named in the mission editor should at least let you know the names of the folders you can delete?

Otherwise, if you want to start from scratch I guess you could delete all your liveries, DCS will rebuild all the ‘factory’ liveries for you?


Yeah if they’re in your main install, the best bet is to delete the entire livery folder, then run a quick repair. The quick repair looks for missing default files and downloads fresh ones.


Any custom liveries should be in the Saved Games\liveries folder, except for those in 3rd party campaigns, right?


Thanks all,

I place my liveries in the CoreMods aircraft subfolders. I’ve been going through each aircraft livery folder and deleting the liveries but the process is time-consuming.

I like the idea of running the repair and then installing only the liveries I intend to use.

Again, thanks for the tips.

What works best for me is to use OvGME and put them in Saved Games. That way it’s clear what’s a mod and what’s default. And, you can enable/disable as needed. A little extra effort up front, but helps keep me keep track of it all down the road.


Good idea. I avoid the “saved games” folder because I want to keep my C drive small. As for OvGME, I’ve heard of it but never really thought about using it. If it makes life easier… :thinking:

The one thing to be mindful of with OvGME and other mod managers is to run them and uninstall mods before running DCS updates.

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Which is the main reason all my custom liveries, missions and mods (only the scooter at the moment) go in:

C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\DCS.…

I have never had an issue since I started doing that.


I save the mod managers for things that have to be installed in the main DCS folders—like terrain textures—and put everything else—like liveries—manually in Saved Games.


Borked an IL-2 install recently due to making that very mistake.