War Online:Pacific, f2p mmo flight sim


Last week I reinstalled War Thunder and I had a feeling that the flight model has changed since last time I flew around 2 years ago. I don’t know if it’s my joystick settings, but it felt really “laggy”. But is the WT more accurate than IL-2 1946? I’m not so sure, maybe…

I remember old Warbirds online game had pretty accurate physics at the time (late '90), I would say even on par with IL-2 and WT. But personally when I want to fly realistic WW2 game I go with IL-2 BoX series.

I will certainly check out War Online: Pacific though, as I always was intrigued by this theatre of operations, basically since Dynamix Aces of the Pacific and Microprose 1942 PAW. I’m really looking forward to IL-2 Battle of the Pacific (when/if they decide to do make it).


Warbirds and Air Warrior… those were the times, will they ever come back? :slight_smile:


I sure hope not! Air Warrior was expensive on top of AOL!


Haha! Yea, but I hope we can have good flight sims again :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to War Online:Pacific, it looks like it might be a throwback to those times.


aaand 1 week left to release :slight_smile:


Looking forward to trying this out.


same here, only one thing slightly concerns me :

I am hopeful that later in the development phase we will see implemented also their online dynamic campaign system.