War Thunder Dog Fighting

A title I haven’t played very much, but intend to get around to it. I was always impressed with Birds of Prey’s ground textures, and it looks like that is all going strong with War Thunder.

Here’s an example of some dogfights:

Remember the two Golden Youtube Rules of (1) mute unless you want disco and (2) never read the comments. :smile:

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I have been playing the heck out of the tanks side of it, its quick and easy to jump in and have some fun. Much easier to play when my 3 year old daughter wants to “help” :smile:

You have to let go of the need for a high-fi flight model, and the controls still confuse me a bit, but fighting in War Thunder is a lot of fun. It’s like a step up from Battlefield, but still not quite IL2-level. The visuals are great, the maps are well designed, the mission/game modes are good.

How is the grinding? I know they’ve changed the system (eagles? doubloons?) around a lot but I always find it confusing working out what is free vs what actually needs to get paid for…

I have played it, and gained a lot of aircraft without purchasing anything. Its a bit of a slower go than a premium account, but I think even playing in the lower tier planes/tanks is fine. There are premium aircraft and tanks, but again, its not required to have them.

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What has kept me away from these Free Sims is that because it is free, you get all kinds of nonsense in game. With WoT, it got so frustrating to get stuck on a team with a bunch of kids who had bought their high Tier tanks, but would utilize them poorly and we’d all die as a result.

Do you see the same in WT?


Dumbasses are a problem that cross many aspects of the game world, no game/sim is free of them :wink:

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Put another way, Life™ is full of griefers.

I don’t have a whole lot of experience with multiplayer War Thunder on PC, but I’ve played a bit of World of Tanks MP on Xbox 360 Live, and I haven’t been too annoyed with the level of idiots. But then again, I go into WoT with a different expectation than I would, say, DCS or IL2: BoS match.

Yeah, I try to avoid the drama, if I am playing it, its for mindless fun, not to mention my Username is the same as my ED forums (and here). Just a few weeks ago I was playing a realistic mode tank battle I think, and I accidentally TK someone… well it was someone from the ED forums… oops lol. In my defense, my 3 year old usually spots for me :slight_smile: