War Thunder - Screenshots

Realistic mod. Tier VII Japanese armor.
Like many battles, the beginning looks like the end.

I catch a glimpse of my target with IR view.

Then the ENY helo shows up. From a Type 93, I shoot a SAM. It’s a hit!

I shot a second SAM for good measure; his friend showed up, and… Mission Accomplished. Damn, I wanted a second ENY chopper.


Mozdok Tier V Alouette II
Missile AS-11 Away!

Getting away scot-free for once!


This game Rocks! Never played it before, always dismissed it as War Thunder (with dismissive roll of eyes). It’s actually great, and feels fairly realistic in simulator, and very fun in arcade. The maps and scenery, the vehicles, all really sell it. I’ve only played a few nights and just unlocked the up-gunned (76) Sherman.


I played it for 12 years. I was a beta tester when the game was just a WWII combat flight sim. Today, it covers Naval, Air, and Ground forces except infantry and submarine forces. It spans from the 30s to today for 10 countries. There are 3 different mods: arcades, realistic, and sim.
Depending on your skills, it is quite challenging at any Tier, both realistic and sim, as one plays against human players. Playing as a team with VOIP is a handful and a lot of fun. Some military branches use it as an introductory and training tool (check the article on Wikipedia), which is refreshing and very challenging when encountering them.

See you on the LZ.

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Of course, there is always one who is more creative than the others with the decals
supplied by the game.


LOL, but also it reminds me that in my craziness I do have several liveries for each type of vehicle…
When I get home today I will post some. :crazy_face: