WARGAME series

I own all this series. Never really got into them because i don’t really understand them

Never played red dragon, is there a tutorial for it? I’m installing now, but just want to know the basics


Got an evening free? Say Saturday? We’ll do a 2v2 vs the ai and I’ll get you up to speed.


Yeah possibly mate. That would be awesome. I spent a bit of time with the previous ones but just couldn’t get my head around the decks and reinforcement points etc.
I’m assuming RD will be bigger and more complicated but i want to learn

If you think that Wargame series is an action game instead of a real tactic milsim, everything goes more easy to understand :smiley:

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One thing it brings that few milsims do is chaos. No strategy or tactics game does overwhelming chaos better imo. I love eugen wargames. Don’t have nearly enough time to play them though :frowning:

If you play co=op you can get player concentrating on the artillery and air assets whilst another is moving tanks around capturing points :smile:

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