Warning Rocketseat

Hi, my name is Troll and I’m addicted to the Viggen… :ajs37:
As you may or may not remember, I did my military service as a crew chief on the AJ 37 Viggen. That’s 30 years ago now. :scream:
Before that I worked one summer as a highschool intern at the heavy maintenance workshop at the airbase. I was put to use doing menial labour like replacing decals on the airframes. When I put on new decals I had to check the due date of the decal, before putting it on, as the glue on the decal dried out after a while. While doing so I discovered several decals that were past their date. I was told to throw them away, but naturally I asked if I could keep them, which I could. I still have a few left, but my pride and joy, the Ejection seat decals are gone. I want to put the iconic VARNING RAKETSTOL decals on my SimBox, but damned if I knew where I put them…
This has bugged me so much that I had to make new decals!
This summer I documented mentioned decals at an airframe at Aeroseum in Gothenburg.

I took pics and measures.
When I got home I drew up new decals in InkScape.

Yesterday I had the local office supply store print them on decal vinyl, for me…

So, any ideas on how to cure my addiction…?


How about putting flush rivets on your sim pit together with the peeling paint?

I love the way “Varning” is spelled :+1:


The only way to cure an addiction is to feed the addiction. Proceed and report back.


“So, any ideas on how to cure my addiction…?”

If there’s a SAAB Amazon, there should also be a SAAB Amazon.com? ^^


You must design and build a homebuilt 1/3rd scale Viggen. Release plans for sale at a modest price and give Mudspikers a 10% discount. Consider the Williams FJ44 for a recommended power plant since they offer lightweight and economical performance.

Once you are done with the prototype and help out the first few builders with their projects you’ll finally be cured. :joy:


So is that being delivered to @Troll a new ornament for his front garden :grinning:


I’ve seen the guy posting those pics on facebook groups…
I also know a guy who had his Viggen ejection seat confiscated by the police as it was considered military equipment.
Evidently only museums and similar organizations can use and display such items on loan from the defence department.


That’s too bad. :frowning_face: