Warthog and BMS

Struggling with my warthog in BMS after the 4.3.3 update. I used to use Morphine’s profile that worked well in previous versions but he doesnt seem to be supporting it or updating for 4.3.3. Some people have updated it on the BMS forums to match the new Keyfile layout, and I’ve tried these iterations with no luck. With how finicky Falcon is with DX inputs and controller numbering it very well could be me doing something wrong, but its such a labor intensive process to troubleshoot, and I’m getting pretty frustrated.

Wondering if anyone has any luck with the Warthog in the new Falcon version, and if they can suggest any profiles?
All of my friends are flying the Charlie model Hornet and I want to get in on some of that tasty carrier action. :smiley:

Don’t know about the hawgstick, but I’ve been using the profile for the X-55 listed HERE (they also got a hogstick profile there) and used the tool listed at the bottom of that page to modify the controls to my own liking. Setting up controls for BMS remains a hassle but it’s much better than the ingame system atleast.

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Oh god, I still have nightmares from the last time I configured Falcon.
The new features sometimes almost bring me back to playing it, but…no. Spending two days to get the HOTAS working sucks.

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You might check out Mud 's profile. It started as a variation of Morphine’s, and he’s continuing to update it.

I’m using a version of Morphine’s that a couple guys updated for 4.33 here:

For what it’s worth, I did have to bind a bunch of functions in the game and I’m not quite sure why. But, once I did it, I haven’t had to mess with it since.

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I’m with @Aginor here…

but you could be flying a Tornado, @komemiute!

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@Aginor, @komemiute I feel you guys , the controller issues and setup really keeps me away from that sim, in alot of ways i like it more than DCS…when it works.

Ill try Muds profile, it might be the one im using but ill check. My issue is with the new assignments and the new target profile i get all my stick inputs as OSB presses and for some reason it wont take new inputs…falcon hates too many dxinputs so im thinking it might be a problem with that. Really dont want to program a new target profile either. The struggle is real!

@Kombat_Karl That was the issue I had but it let me write over the OSB assignments.

-Edit: You are running 4.33 Update 1, correct?

Id have to check, i dont know if ive played since u1 dropped. If so ill update and try your profile

It’s worth getting U1, they changed how devices are recognized so control settings should be much more reliable now.

Direct Input devices (joysticks, MFDs, boards etc.) can now be sorted to specific positions as desired via a new config file “DeviceSorting.txt” in the “User\Config” directory. That means even by unplugging stuff and replugging it, the DX button numbers won’t change anymore.

This file will be created automatically if it is not existing, and it will list all devices which are currently connected to BMS. If you want to change the device order, simply close BMS, edit the file with a text editor and copy/paste the lines in the file to your liking. Once the file exists, it will always be loaded and the order in there will be honored by BMS. If you connect a new device which is not listed in the file yet, it will be appended to the existing file without changing the specified order. Missing devices will be ignored.

The file simply consists of the GUID and the device name for each device, one device per line. Example:

{0400044F-0000-0000-0000-504944564944} “Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar”
{B351044F-0000-0000-0000-504944564944} “F16 MFD 1”
{B352044F-0000-0000-0000-504944564944} “F16 MFD 2”

Note: you still have to ensure that all devices are plugged in! Example: you have one stick, and 2 MFDs, the stick usually has DX button number 0-31, the 1st MFD has 32-63, the 2nd MFD has 64-95. Now you start BMS while forgetting to plug in the stick… in this case, MFD1 will still move from 32-63 to 0-31 (and MFD2 moves accordingly). However - and that is the whole purpose of this patch - once you realize that the stick is missing, you can stop BMS, plugin the stick, and now it is guaranteed that the stick will be seen by BMS as button numbers 0-31 again. In summary: if you have a working DX button setup, it will never be “shuffled around” again like it used to.

Yes! Was having major problems with device IDs. Will download.

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@Sryan: not to brag or something but I already do at work. With the military one. :wink: talk about multicrew capabilities.

for BMS, using warthog or cougar, and MFDs, there is the ingenius setup by HomeFries. serach for it on DCS forums. he has a fantastic hot-swapping logic to allow you to change to different planes , etc. and it even supports using cougar and warthog together for the throttle, etc.

very well documented, but complex, so you need to read it through to set it up with the modifiers in game and the keymap for each aircraft.

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