Warthog HOTAS sync DCS?

I’m WAYYY late to the game, but recently picked up a Warthog HOTAS (a steal on FB Marketplace at $300USD) and downloaded the newest DCS World. I had DCS World, A-10C, and CA back in 2012 but never got into it since I didn’t have decent controllers, and then I got into racing sims heavily.

Anyway, getting back into flight, I notice that on ramp start in my A-10C I have to pull each throttle out of cut off and back before it’s recognized in the sim pit. I don’t remember it being this way, but is this normal?


Yeah. Not sure if a bug.

That happens sometimes but not always, not only in the A-10C but also in all the other aircraft that have idle cut-offs on the throttles. Not sure why. I do have the option to sync the HOTAS on mission start activated and most times it works just fine but every now and then it doesn’t. Not a huge issue imho.

Iirc all switches need to be off or central, so the pinkie switch always was pushed one way or the other. It’s going back some time though so I may be wide of the mark

I’ve developed the habit of going into the axis controller configuration and moving all of the axis before I fly. That seems to “wake up” the synchronization.

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