Warthog PCB replacement?

I recently built my two J-Pein desk mount (upgraded), and after a little bit of trial and error, I finally got them built nicely, ready for my Thrustmaster Warthog Joystick and Throttle.

I fired up DCS, and to my dismay discovered my joystick wasn’t working. I then checked out the USB Game Controllers setting screen in Windows, where it was still detected. However, when I went into its properties, none of the buttons or axis were detected - nothing lit up when I hit the buttons or moved the axis.

I then tried the joystick on another PC - same problem. Upon closer examination of the Joystick PCB, I saw what looked like a little bit of damage. It appears that the screws I used to attach the stick to the J-Pein mount damaged the PCB I’ve highlighted it in the following photo:

I couldn’t find instructions on how to connect the Warthog stick to the oval j-pein base plate, so I went for what seemed like the best fit. As you can see, the screws are relatively flat, and there didn’t appear to be any other way to mount the oval j-pein mounting plate to the bracket:

Needless to say, I’m pretty disappointed, though it’s probably user error, as other people have said I mounted the stick incorrectly. Unfortunately I can’t buy the joystick base on its own here in Australia, and I can’t send it in for warranty return as it was the j-pein mount that damaged it (I also can’t find my receipt for the Warthog, and have no idea which store I bought it from). I’ve now bought the Virpil MongoosT-50CM2 base for AU$400. I’m really disappointed that J-Pein didn’t have any instructions on how to mount the stick to their base - it’s pure laziness on their behalf. And the end result is a huge cost to me.

Enough self-pity though; can I get a boffin to fix the broken bits? Or can I buy a Warthog Joystick PCB from somewhere, and get a boffin to install that? I’ve searched for the PCB online, but can’t find it. I’ve also emailed Thrustmaster, who ever-so-helpfully told me to speak to the retailer about my issue.

Meanwhile I’ll just have to wait a month or so before I can fly DCS again :frowning:


Hi there, @GunSlingerAU and welcome to Mudspike! :mudspike:
If indeed the screw head touched that part of the PCB it might have shorted one or more of those resistors which can have fried something else onboard.
Hard to say what, really.

One thing that comes to mind is that I saw a similar problem with my Warthog. That was a simple case of the grip 5 pin connector wasn’t seated properly. As far as I can remember, that didn’t just affect the buttons on the grip, but the entire unit.
In your case it’s a long-shot, but a simple one to check.

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Welcome @GunSlingerAU!
Sadly the photo you posted is quite clear- the resistors are damaged beyond any reasonable doubt.

What you can do is clearly state to the TM support you don’t intend pursuit warranty, you just want to buy the board.
THey’re not bad guys, they’re just sometime “slow” to understand what you want- always assuming first you want to go through warranty, and that’s a long and painful process (happened to be with the throttle unit).


You could see if a local tech shop that does repairs is willing to do you a solid one and throw on a new resistor and see if that fixes it.

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Ah! totally worth a try!

It’s an easy job if you have the equipment. Especially since you can’t really demand any guarantee from them so that ought to help.

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Hey guys, thanks for your advice. Good news - Thrustmaster are sending me a replacement PCB for the joystick. Now I just need to find somebody who can install it. Any idea what kind of tradesperson/business I should search for, as I’ve got no idea what kind of tradesperson does soldering?

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should only be a few screws and a couple ZIF Sockets,

It’s usually the board w/ USB Cable already soldered on,

Remove Glue from old ZIFs disconnect, remove retainer and ground screws.

Place new PCB In, secure ground screws w/ ground wires, insert ZIFs, route USB Line, secure retaining/mounting screws.

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Yes. What @SkateZilla said.
It’s really trivially easy.

Great news @GunSlingerAU! Will be interested in seeing you the instal to the mounting plate goes.

Contact a company that builds computers/repairs tablets/phones, that sort of thing!